The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt: Items cheats - list - The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Guide & Walkthrough (2022)

Last update: Tuesday, September 7, 2021

This page of The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt has a list of cheats for creating free items. This can help you greatly in obtaining, e.g. unique artifacts or the best weapons and armor sets.

Check out the Unlocking the cheats page to learn how to be able to use the debug console.

  • Adding items command
  • Weapon list
  • Armor list
  • Armor and weapon repair kit list
  • Schematics list
  • Runes and glyphs list
  • Crafting items and alchemy ingredients list
  • Mutagens list
  • Horse items list
  • Potions list
  • Bombs list
  • Food and alcohol list

Adding items command

You create new items by entering the additem command and writing the name of item you want to spawn.

additem ('x',y,z) - you receive y pieces of item x and it is placed in z slot. Enter the item's name instead of x, insert a value instead of y (for example, 10) and insert a slot number instead of z (for example 1). Important - y and z parameters are not mandatory.


additem('Novigraadan sword 1',1,1) - you receive one novigraadan sword which will be placed in first weapon slot

additem('Gryphon Armor') - you receive one Gryphon armor

Weapon list













additem('Bandit Shield 01')

additem('Bandit Shield 02')

additem('Bandit Shield 03')

additem('Bandit Shield 04')


additem('Baron Guard Shield 01')



additem('Bear School Crossbow')

additem('Bear School silver sword 1')

additem('Bear School silver sword 2')

additem('Bear School silver sword 3')

additem('Bear School silver sword')

additem('Bear School steel sword 1')

additem('Bear School steel sword 2')

additem('Bear School steel sword 3')

additem('Bear School steel sword')











additem('Caranthil Staff Broken')

additem('Caranthil Staff')




additem('Crossbow 1')

additem('Crossbow 2')

additem('Crossbow 3')

additem('Crossbow 4')

additem('Crossbow 5')

additem('Crossbow 6')

additem('Crossbow 7')

additem('Crossbow q206')








additem('Dwarven silver sword 1')

additem('Dwarven silver sword 1_crafted')

additem('Dwarven silver sword 2')

additem('Dwarven silver sword 2_crafted')

additem('Dwarven sword 1')

additem('Dwarven sword 1_crafted')

additem('Dwarven sword 2')

additem('Dwarven sword 2_crafted')


additem('Elven silver sword 1')

additem('Elven silver sword 1_crafted')

additem('Elven silver sword 2')

additem('Elven silver sword 2_crafted')




additem('Gnomish silver sword 1')

additem('Gnomish silver sword 1_crafted')

additem('Gnomish silver sword 2')

additem('Gnomish silver sword 2_crafted')

additem('Gnomish sword 1')

additem('Gnomish sword 1_crafted')

additem('Gnomish sword 2')

additem('Gnomish sword 2_crafted')

additem('Gryphon School silver sword 1')

additem('Gryphon School silver sword 2')

additem('Gryphon School silver sword 3')

additem('Gryphon School silver sword')

additem('Gryphon School steel sword 1')

additem('Gryphon School steel sword 2')

additem('Gryphon School steel sword 3')

additem('Gryphon School steel sword')











additem('Imlerith Mace')

additem('Imlerith Shield')


additem('Inquisitor sword 1')

additem('Inquisitor sword 1_crafted')

additem('Inquisitor sword 2')

additem('Inquisitor sword 2_crafted')



additem('Long Steel Sword')




additem('Lynx School Crossbow')

additem('Lynx School silver sword 1')

additem('Lynx School silver sword 2')

additem('Lynx School silver sword 3')

additem('Lynx School silver sword')

additem('Lynx School steel sword 1')

additem('Lynx School steel sword 2')

additem('Lynx School steel sword 3')

additem('Lynx School steel sword')






additem('Nilfgaard Shield 01')

additem('Nilfgaard Shield 02')

additem('Nilfgaardian sword 1')

additem('Nilfgaardian sword 1_crafted')

additem('Nilfgaardian sword 2')

additem('Nilfgaardian sword 3')

additem('Nilfgaardian sword 4 ')

additem('Nilfgaardian sword 4_crafted')

additem('No Mans Land sword 1 q2')

additem('No Mans Land sword 1')

additem('No Mans Land sword 1_crafted')

additem('No Mans Land sword 2')

additem('No Mans Land sword 2_crafted')

additem('No Mans Land sword 3 ')

additem('No Mans Land sword 3_crafted')

additem('No Mans Land sword 4')

additem('No Mans Land sword 4_crafted')

additem('Novigraadan sword 1')

additem('Novigraadan sword 1_crafted')

additem('Novigraadan sword 2')

additem('Novigraadan sword 2_crafted')

additem('Novigraadan sword 3 ')

additem('Novigraadan sword 3_crafted')

additem('Novigraadan sword 4 ')

additem('Novigraadan sword 4_crafted')

additem('Novigrad Shield 01')

additem('Novigrad Shield 02')

additem('NPC CyprianWhorenson sword')

additem('NPC Dandelion Short Steel Sword')

additem('NPC Eredin Sword')

additem('NPC Hjalmar_Short_Steel_Sword')

additem('NPC Inquisitor sword 1')

additem('NPC Nilfgaardian sword 1')

additem('NPC Nilfgaardian sword 2')

additem('NPC Nilfgaardian sword 3')

additem('NPC Nilfgaardian sword 4')

additem('NPC No Mans Land sword 1 q2')

additem('NPC No Mans Land sword 1')

additem('NPC No Mans Land sword 2')

additem('NPC No Mans Land sword 3')

additem('NPC No Mans Land sword 4')

additem('NPC Novigraadan sword 1')

additem('NPC Novigraadan sword 2')

additem('NPC Novigraadan sword 3')

additem('NPC Novigraadan sword 4')

additem('NPC q402 Skellige sword 3')

additem('NPC Rusty Nilfgaardian sword')

additem('NPC Rusty No Mans Land sword')

additem('NPC Rusty Novigraadan sword')

additem('NPC Rusty Skellige sword')

additem('NPC Scoiatael sword 1')

additem('NPC Scoiatael sword 2')

additem('NPC Scoiatael sword 3')

additem('NPC Scoiatael sword 4')

additem('NPC Short sword 1')

additem('NPC Short sword 2')

additem('NPC Skellige sword 1')

additem('NPC Skellige sword 2')

additem('NPC Skellige sword 3')

additem('NPC Skellige sword 4')

additem('NPC Vesemir Silver Sword q403 upgrade')

additem('NPC Vesemir Silver Sword')

additem('NPC Vesemir Steel Sword')

additem('NPC Wildhunt sword 2')

additem('NPC Witcher Silver Sword q403 upgrade')

additem('NPC Witcher Silver Sword')

additem('NPC Witcher Steel Sword')






























additem('q505 crafted sword')


additem('Redanian Shield 01')



additem('Rusty Nilfgaardian sword')

additem('Rusty No Mans Land sword ')

additem('Rusty Novigraadan sword')

additem('Rusty Skellige sword')

additem('Scoiatael sword 1')

additem('Scoiatael sword 1_crafted')

additem('Scoiatael sword 2')

additem('Scoiatael sword 2_crafted')

additem('Scoiatael sword 3')

additem('Scoiatael sword 3_crafted')

additem('Scoiatael sword 4')

additem('Scoiatael sword 4_crafted')

additem('Short Steel Sword ')

additem('Short sword 1')

additem('Short sword 1_crafted')

additem('Short sword 2 ')

additem('Short sword 2_crafted')

additem('Silver sword 1')

additem('Silver sword 1_crafted')

additem('Silver sword 2')

additem('Silver sword 2_crafted')

(Video) How to use Witcher 3's Console! | Advanced Walkthrough | 2021

additem('Silver sword 3')

additem('Silver sword 3_crafted')

additem('Silver sword 4')

additem('Silver sword 4_crafted')

additem('Silver sword 5')

additem('Silver sword 5_crafted')

additem('Silver sword 6')

additem('Silver sword 6_crafted')

additem('Silver sword 7')

additem('Silver sword 7_crafted')

additem('Silver sword 8')

additem('Skellige Brokvar Shield 01')

additem('Skellige Craite Shield 01')

additem('Skellige Dimun Shield 01')

additem('Skellige Drummond Shield 01')

additem('Skellige Heymaey Shield 01')

additem('Skellige sword 1 ')

additem('Skellige sword 1_crafted')

additem('Skellige sword 2')

additem('Skellige sword 2_crafted')

additem('Skellige sword 3_crafted')

additem('Skellige sword 4 ')

additem('Skellige sword 4_crafted')

additem('Skellige Tuiseach Shield 01')


additem('sq304 Novigraadan sword 4 ')

additem('Temeria Shield 01')





additem('Viper School silver sword')

additem('Viper School steel sword')





additem('Wild Hunt sword 1')

additem('Wild Hunt sword 2')

additem('Wild Hunt sword 3')

additem('Wild Hunt sword 4')

additem('Witcher Silver Sword')



additem('Wooden sword')


additem('Zireael Phantom Sword')

additem('Zireael Sword')

Armor list

additem('Bath Towel Pants 01')

additem('Bear Armor 1')

additem('Bear Armor 2')

additem('Bear Armor 3')

additem('Bear Armor')

additem('Bear Boots 1')

additem('Bear Boots 2')

additem('Bear Boots 3')

additem('Bear Boots 4')

additem('Bear Gloves 1')

additem('Bear Gloves 2')

additem('Bear Gloves 3')

additem('Bear Gloves 4')

additem('Bear Pants 1')

additem('Bear Pants 2')

additem('Bear Pants 3')

additem('Bear Pants 4')

additem('Boots 01 q2')

additem('Boots 01')

additem('Boots 01_crafted')

additem('Boots 012')

additem('Boots 02')

additem('Boots 02_crafted')

additem('Boots 022')

additem('Boots 03')

additem('Boots 03_crafted')

additem('Boots 032')

additem('Boots 04')

additem('Boots 04_crafted')

additem('Boots 05')

additem('Boots 06')

additem('Boots 07')

additem('Boots 07_crafted')

additem('Ciri pants 01')

additem('Gloves 01_crafted')

additem('Gloves 02_crafted')

additem('Gloves 03_crafted')

additem('Gloves 04_crafted')

additem('Gryphon Armor 1')

additem('Gryphon Armor 2')

additem('Gryphon Armor 3')

additem('Gryphon Armor')

additem('Gryphon Boots 1')

additem('Gryphon Boots 2')

additem('Gryphon Boots 3')

additem('Gryphon Boots 4')

additem('Gryphon Gloves 1')

additem('Gryphon Gloves 2')

additem('Gryphon Gloves 3')

additem('Gryphon Gloves 4')

additem('Gryphon Pants 1')

additem('Gryphon Pants 2')

additem('Gryphon Pants 3')

additem('Gryphon Pants 4')

additem('Heavy armor 01_crafted')

additem('Heavy armor 02_crafted')

additem('Heavy armor 03_crafted')

additem('Heavy armor 04_crafted')

additem('Heavy boots 01')

additem('Heavy boots 01_crafted')

additem('Heavy boots 02')

additem('Heavy boots 02_crafted')

additem('Heavy boots 03')

additem('Heavy boots 03_crafted')

additem('Heavy boots 04')

additem('Heavy boots 04_crafted')

additem('Heavy boots 05')

additem('Heavy boots 06')

additem('Heavy boots 07')

additem('Heavy boots 07_crafted')

additem('Heavy boots 08')

additem('Heavy boots 08_crafted')

additem('Heavy gloves 01_crafted')

additem('Heavy gloves 02_crafted')

additem('Heavy gloves 03_crafted')

additem('Heavy gloves 04_crafted')

additem('Heavy pants 01')

additem('Heavy pants 01_crafted')

additem('Heavy pants 02')

additem('Heavy pants 02_crafted')

additem('Heavy pants 03')

additem('Heavy pants 03_crafted')

additem('Heavy pants 04')

additem('Heavy pants 04_crafted')

additem('Light armor 01_crafted')

additem('Light armor 02_crafted')

additem('Light armor 03_crafted')

additem('Light armor 04_crafted')

additem('Light armor 05_crafted')

additem('Light armor 06_crafted')

additem('Light armor 07_crafted')

additem('Light armor 08_crafted')

additem('Lynx Armor 1')

additem('Lynx Armor 2')

additem('Lynx Armor 3')

additem('Lynx Armor')

additem('Lynx Boots 1')

additem('Lynx Boots 2')

additem('Lynx Boots 3')

additem('Lynx Boots 4')

additem('Lynx Gloves 1')

additem('Lynx Gloves 2')

additem('Lynx Gloves 3')

additem('Lynx Gloves 4')

additem('Lynx Pants 1')

additem('Lynx Pants 2')

additem('Lynx Pants 3')

additem('Lynx Pants 4')

additem('Medium armor 01_crafted')

additem('Medium armor 02_crafted')

additem('Medium armor 03_crafted')

additem('Medium armor 04_crafted')

additem('Nilfgaardian Casual Pants')

additem('Nilfgaardian casual shoes')

additem('Pants 01 q2')

additem('Pants 01')

additem('Pants 01_crafted')

additem('Pants 02')

additem('Pants 02_crafted')

additem('Pants 03')

additem('Pants 03_crafted')

additem('Pants 04')

additem('Pants 04_crafted')

additem('Radovid boots 01')

additem('Relic Heavy 3 crafted')

additem('Skellige Casual Pants 01')

additem('Skellige Casual Pants 02')

additem('Skellige casual shoes')

additem('Starting Armor 1')

additem('Starting Boots')

additem('Starting Pants')

additem('Thyssen armor crafted')

additem('Wild Hunt pants 01')

additem('Yennefers Dress')

Armor and weapon repair kit list

additem('Armor repair kit 1')

additem('Armor repair kit 2')

additem('Armor repair kit 3')

additem('Weapon repair kit 1')

additem('Weapon repair kit 2')

additem('Weapon repair kit 3')

Schematics list

additem('Arbitrator schematic')

additem('ArmorRepairKit_1 schematic')

additem('ArmorRepairKit_2 schematic')

additem('ArmorRepairKit_3 schematic')

additem('Beannshie schematic')

additem('Bear Armor schematic')

additem('Bear Boots schematic')

additem('Bear Gloves schematic')

additem('Bear Pants schematic')

additem('Bear School Crossbow schematic')

additem('Bear School silver sword schematic')

additem('Bear School silver sword Upgrade schematic 1')

additem('Bear School silver sword Upgrade schematic 2')

additem('Bear School silver sword Upgrade schematic 3')

additem('Bear School steel sword schematic')

additem('Bear School steel sword Upgrade schematic 1')

additem('Bear School steel sword Upgrade schematic 2')

additem('Bear School steel sword Upgrade schematic 3')

additem('Blackunicorn schematic')

additem('Blasting powder schematic')

additem('Boots 1 schematic')

additem('Boots 2 schematic')

additem('Boots 3 schematic')

additem('Boots 4 schematic')

additem('Boots 7 schematic')

additem('Dark iron ingot schematic')

additem('Dark steel ingot schematic 1')

additem('Dark steel ingot schematic')

additem('Dark steel plate schematic')

additem('Dark steel plate schematic')

additem('Draconide leather schematic')

additem('Dwarven silver sword 1 schematic')

additem('Dwarven silver sword 2 schematic')

additem('Dwarven sword 1 schematic')

additem('Dwarven sword 2 schematic')

additem('Dwimeryte ingot schematic 1')

additem('Dwimeryte ingot schematic')

additem('Dwimeryte ore schematic')

additem('Dwimeryte plate schematic')

additem('Elven silver sword 1 schematic')

additem('Elven silver sword 2 schematic')

additem('Gloves 1 schematic')

additem('Gloves 2 schematic')

additem('Gloves 3 schematic')

additem('Gloves 4 schematic')

additem('Glowing ingot schematic')

additem('Glyph aard greater schematic')

additem('Glyph aard lesser schematic')

additem('Glyph aard schematic')

additem('Glyph axii greater schematic')

additem('Glyph axii lesser schematic')

additem('Glyph axii schematic')

additem('Glyph igni greater schematic')

additem('Glyph igni lesser schematic')

additem('Glyph igni schematic')

additem('Glyph infusion greater schematic')

additem('Glyph infusion lesser schematic')

additem('Glyph quen greater schematic')

additem('Glyph quen lesser schematic')

additem('Glyph quen schematic')

additem('Glyph yrden greater schematic')

additem('Glyph yrden lesser schematic')

additem('Glyph yrden schematic')

additem('Gnomish silver sword 1 schematic')

additem('Gnomish silver sword 2 schematic')

additem('Gnomish sword 1 schematic')

additem('Gnomish sword 2 schematic')

additem('Gryphon Armor schematic')

additem('Gryphon Boots schematic')

additem('Gryphon Gloves schematic')

additem('Gryphon Pants schematic')

additem('Gryphon School silver sword schematic')

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additem('Gryphon School silver sword Upgrade schematic 1')

additem('Gryphon School silver sword Upgrade schematic 2')

additem('Gryphon School silver sword Upgrade schematic 3')

additem('Gryphon School steel sword schematic')

additem('Gryphon School steel sword Upgrade schematic 1')

additem('Gryphon School steel sword Upgrade schematic 2')

additem('Gryphon School steel sword Upgrade schematic 3')

additem('Haft schematic')

additem('Hardened leather schematic')

additem('Hardened timber schematic')

additem('Harpy schematic')

additem('Heavy Armor 1 schematic')

additem('Heavy Armor 2 schematic')

additem('Heavy Armor 3 schematic')

additem('Heavy Armor 4 schematic')

additem('Heavy Boots 1 schematic')

additem('Heavy Boots 2 schematic')

additem('Heavy Boots 3 schematic')

additem('Heavy Boots 4 schematic')

additem('Heavy Boots 7 schematic')

additem('Heavy Boots 8 schematic')

additem('Heavy Gloves 1 schematic')

additem('Heavy Gloves 2 schematic')

additem('Heavy Gloves 3 schematic')

additem('Heavy Gloves 4 schematic')

additem('Heavy Pants 1 schematic')

additem('Heavy Pants 2 schematic')

additem('Heavy Pants 3 schematic')

additem('Heavy Pants 4 schematic')

additem('Infused crystal schematic')

additem('Infused dust schematic')

additem('Infused shard schematic')

additem('Inquisitor sword 1 schematic')

additem('Inquisitor sword 2 schematic')

additem('Iron ingot schematic')

additem('Leather schematic')

additem('Leather squares schematic')

additem('Light Armor 1 schematic')

additem('Light Armor 2 schematic')

additem('Light Armor 3 schematic')

additem('Light Armor 4 schematic')

additem('Light Armor 5 schematic')

additem('Light Armor 6 schematic')

additem('Light Armor 7 schematic')

additem('Light Armor 8 schematic')

additem('Linen schematic')

additem('Longclaw schematic')

additem('Lynx Armor schematic')

additem('Lynx Boots schematic')

additem('Lynx Gloves schematic')

additem('Lynx Pants schematic')

additem('Lynx School Crossbow schematic')

additem('Lynx School silver sword schematic')

additem('Lynx School silver sword Upgrade schematic 1')

additem('Lynx School silver sword Upgrade schematic 2')

additem('Lynx School silver sword Upgrade schematic 3')

additem('Lynx School steel sword schematic')

additem('Lynx School steel sword Upgrade schematic 1')

additem('Lynx School steel sword Upgrade schematic 2')

additem('Lynx School steel sword Upgrade schematic 3')

additem('Medium Armor 1 schematic')

additem('Medium Armor 2 schematic')

additem('Medium Armor 3 schematic')

additem('Medium Armor 4 schematic')

additem('Meteorite ingot schematic')

additem('Meteorite silver ingot schematic')

additem('Meteorite silver plate schematic')

additem('Negotiator schematic')

additem('Nilfgaardian sword 1 schematic')

additem('Nilfgaardian sword 4 schematic')

additem('No Mans Land sword 1 schematic')

additem('No Mans Land sword 2 schematic')

additem('No Mans Land sword 3 schematic')

additem('No Mans Land sword 4 schematic')

additem('Novigraadan sword 1 schematic')

additem('Novigraadan sword 4 schematic')

additem('Pants 1 schematic')

additem('Pants 2 schematic')

additem('Pants 3 schematic')

additem('Pants 4 schematic')

additem('Relic Heavy 3 schematic')

additem('Resin schematic')

additem('Rune dazhbog greater schematic')

additem('Rune dazhbog lesser schematic')

additem('Rune dazhbog schematic')

additem('Rune devana greater schematic')

additem('Rune devana lesser schematic')

additem('Rune devana schematic')

additem('Rune elemental greater schematic')

additem('Rune elemental lesser schematic')

additem('Rune elemental schematic')

additem('Rune morana greater schematic')

additem('Rune morana lesser schematic')

additem('Rune morana schematic')

additem('Rune perun greater schematic')

additem('Rune perun lesser schematic')

additem('Rune perun schematic')

additem('Rune stribog greater schematic')

additem('Rune stribog lesser schematic')

additem('Rune stribog schematic')

additem('Rune svarog greater schematic')

additem('Rune svarog lesser schematic')

additem('Rune svarog schematic')

additem('Rune triglav greater schematic')

additem('Rune triglav lesser schematic')

additem('Rune triglav schematic')

additem('Rune veles greater schematic')

additem('Rune veles lesser schematic')

additem('Rune veles schematic')

additem('Rune zoria greater schematic')

additem('Rune zoria lesser schematic')

additem('Rune zoria schematic')

additem('Runestone greater schematic')

additem('Runestone lesser schematic')

additem('Scoiatael sword 2 schematic')

additem('Scoiatael sword 3 schematic')

additem('Short sword 1 schematic')

additem('Short sword 2 schematic')

additem('Silk schematic')

additem('Silver ingot schematic 1')

additem('Silver ingot schematic')

additem('Silver ore schematic')

additem('Silver plate schematic')

additem('Silver sword 1 schematic')

additem('Silver sword 2 schematic')

additem('Silver sword 3 schematic')

additem('Silver sword 4 schematic')

additem('Silver sword 6 schematic')

additem('Silver sword 7 schematic')

additem('Skellige sword 1 schematic')

additem('Skellige sword 2 schematic')

additem('Smithing tools dwarven schematic')

additem('Smithing tools elven schematic')

additem('Smithing tools gnomish schematic')

additem('Smithing tools schematic')

additem('Starting Armor Upgrade schematic 1')

additem('Steel ingot schematic 1')

additem('Steel ingot schematic')

additem('Steel plate schematic')

additem('String schematic')

additem('Thread schematic')

additem('Thyssen Armor schematic')

additem('Viper Silver sword schematic')

additem('Viper Steel sword schematic')

additem('WeaponRepairKit_1 schematic')

additem('WeaponRepairKit_2 schematic')

additem('WeaponRepairKit_3 schematic')

additem('Weeper schematic')

additem('Whetstone dwarven schematic')

additem('Whetstone elven schematic')

additem('Whetstone gnomish schematic')

additem('Witcher Bear Boots Upgrade schematic 1')

additem('Witcher Bear Boots Upgrade schematic 2')

additem('Witcher Bear Boots Upgrade schematic 3')

additem('Witcher Bear Gloves Upgrade schematic 1')

additem('Witcher Bear Gloves Upgrade schematic 2')

additem('Witcher Bear Gloves Upgrade schematic 3')

additem('Witcher Bear Jacket Upgrade schematic 1')

additem('Witcher Bear Jacket Upgrade schematic 2')

additem('Witcher Bear Jacket Upgrade schematic 3')

additem('Witcher Bear Pants Upgrade schematic 1')

additem('Witcher Bear Pants Upgrade schematic 2')

additem('Witcher Bear Pants Upgrade schematic 3')

additem('Witcher Gryphon Boots Upgrade schematic 1')

additem('Witcher Gryphon Boots Upgrade schematic 2')

additem('Witcher Gryphon Boots Upgrade schematic 3')

additem('Witcher Gryphon Gloves Upgrade schematic 1')

additem('Witcher Gryphon Gloves Upgrade schematic 2')

additem('Witcher Gryphon Gloves Upgrade schematic 3')

additem('Witcher Gryphon Jacket Upgrade schematic 1')

additem('Witcher Gryphon Jacket Upgrade schematic 2')

additem('Witcher Gryphon Jacket Upgrade schematic 3')

additem('Witcher Gryphon Pants Upgrade schematic 1')

additem('Witcher Gryphon Pants Upgrade schematic 2')

additem('Witcher Gryphon Pants Upgrade schematic 3')

additem('Witcher Lynx Boots Upgrade schematic 1')

additem('Witcher Lynx Boots Upgrade schematic 2')

additem('Witcher Lynx Boots Upgrade schematic 3')

additem('Witcher Lynx Gloves Upgrade schematic 1')

additem('Witcher Lynx Gloves Upgrade schematic 2')

additem('Witcher Lynx Gloves Upgrade schematic 3')

additem('Witcher Lynx Jacket Upgrade schematic 1')

additem('Witcher Lynx Jacket Upgrade schematic 2')

additem('Witcher Lynx Jacket Upgrade schematic 3')

additem('Witcher Lynx Pants Upgrade schematic 1')

additem('Witcher Lynx Pants Upgrade schematic 2')

additem('Witcher Lynx Pants Upgrade schematic 3')

Runes and glyphs list

additem('Dazhbog rune rare')

additem('Dazhbog rune')

additem('Devana rune rare')

additem('Devana rune')

additem('Elemental rune rare')

additem('Elemental rune')

additem('Forgotten soul rare')

additem('Forgotten soul')

additem('Glyph aard greater')

additem('Glyph aard lesser')

additem('Glyph aard')

additem('Glyph axii greater')

additem('Glyph axii lesser')

additem('Glyph axii')

additem('Glyph igni greater')

additem('Glyph igni lesser')

additem('Glyph igni')

additem('Glyph quen greater')

additem('Glyph quen lesser')

additem('Glyph quen')

additem('Glyph yrden greater')

additem('Glyph yrden lesser')

additem('Glyph yrden')

additem('Morana rune rare')

additem('Morana rune')

additem('Perun rune rare')

additem('Perun rune')

additem('Philosophers stone rare')

additem('Philosophers stone')

additem('Phosphorescent crystal rare')

additem('Phosphorescent crystal')

additem('Rune dazhbog greater')

additem('Rune dazhbog lesser')

additem('Rune dazhbog')

additem('Rune devana greater')

additem('Rune devana lesser')

additem('Rune devana')

additem('Rune elemental greater')

additem('Rune elemental lesser')

additem('Rune elemental')

additem('Rune morana greater')

additem('Rune morana lesser')

additem('Rune morana')

additem('Rune perun greater')

additem('Rune perun lesser')

additem('Rune perun')

additem('Rune quentin greater')

additem('Rune quentin lesser')

additem('Rune quentin')

additem('Rune stribog greater')

additem('Rune stribog lesser')

additem('Rune stribog')

additem('Rune svarog greater')

additem('Rune svarog lesser')

additem('Rune svarog')

additem('Rune triglav greater')

additem('Rune triglav lesser')

additem('Rune triglav')

additem('Rune veles greater')

additem('Rune veles lesser')

additem('Rune veles')

additem('Rune zoria greater')

additem('Rune zoria lesser')

additem('Rune zoria')

additem('Shattered core rare')

additem('Shattered core')

additem('Stribog rune rare')

additem('Stribog rune')

additem('Svarog rune rare')

additem('Svarog rune')

additem('Triglav rune rare')

additem('Triglav rune')

additem('Veles rune rare')

(Video) Witcher 3 Best Sword EARLY Location – The MoonBlade Silver Sword Relic Starter Guide!

additem('Veles rune')

additem('Zoria rune rare')

additem('Zoria rune')

Crafting items and alchemy ingredients list



additem('Alchemical paste')

additem('Alchemists powder')

additem('Alghoul bone marrow')

additem('Alghoul claw')

additem('Amber dust')

additem('Amber flawless')

additem('Amber fossil')


additem('Amethyst dust')

additem('Amethyst flawless')


additem('Arachas eyes')

additem('Arachas venom')


additem('Axe head')

additem('Bag of grain')

additem('Bag of weed')

additem('Bandalur butter knife')

additem('Basilisk plate')

additem('Basilisk venom')

additem('Bear fat')

additem('Bear pelt')

additem('Berserker pelt')

additem('Black pearl dust')

additem('Black pearl')

additem('Blasting powder')

additem('Blunt axe')

additem('Blunt pickaxe')



additem('Broken paddle')

additem('Broken rakes')

additem('Calcium equum')




additem('Cave Troll liver')


additem('Child doll')

additem('Chitin scale')


additem('Cockatrice egg')

additem('Cockatrice maw')


additem('Cow hide')

additem('Crystalized essence')

additem('Cyclops eye')

additem('Czart hide')

additem('Dark iron ingot')

additem('Dark iron ore')

additem('Dark iron plate')

additem('Dark steel ingot')

additem('Dark steel plate')

additem('Deer hide')

additem('Diamond dust')

additem('Diamond flawless')


additem('Dog tallow')

additem('Draconide leather')

additem('Dragon scales')

additem('Drowned dead tongue')

additem('Drowner brain')


additem('Ducal water')

additem('Dwimeritium chains')

additem('Dwimeritium shackles')

additem('Dwimeryte ingot')

additem('Dwimeryte ore')

additem('Dwimeryte plate')


additem('Ekimma epidermis')

additem('Elemental essence')

additem('Emerald dust')

additem('Emerald flawless')


additem('Empty vial')

additem('Endriag chitin plates')

additem('Endriag embryo')

additem('Endriag heart')

additem('Erynie eye')



additem('Fiend eye')

additem('Fifth essence')

additem('Fishing net')

additem('Fishing rod')





additem('Fogling teeth')

additem('Forktail plate')

additem('Fox pelt')

additem('Fur square')

additem('Gargoyle dust')

additem('Gargoyle heart')

additem('Ghoul blood')



additem('Glowing ingot')

additem('Glowing ore')

additem('Glyph infusion greater')

additem('Glyph infusion lesser')

additem('Goat hide')


additem('Gold candelabra')

additem('Gold diamond necklace')

additem('Gold diamond ring')

additem('Gold mineral')

additem('Gold ore')

additem('Gold pearl necklace')

additem('Gold ring')

additem('Gold ruby ring')

additem('Gold sapphire necklace')

additem('Gold sapphire ring')

additem('Golden casket')

additem('Golden mug')

additem('Golden platter')

additem('Golem heart')

additem('Grave Hag ear')

additem('Greater Rotfiend blood')

additem('Gryphon egg')

additem('Gryphon feathers')


additem('Hag teeth')

additem('Hardened leather')

additem('Hardened timber')

additem('Harpy egg')

additem('Harpy feathers')

additem('Harpy talon')

additem('Horse hide')


additem('Infused crystal')

additem('Infused dust')

additem('Infused shard')


additem('Iron ingot')

additem('Iron Lamp')

additem('Iron oil candle')

additem('Iron ore')



additem('Jumping rope')


additem('Lamia lock of hair')

additem('Lead ore')

additem('Leather squares')

additem('Leather straps')


additem('Leshy resin')


additem('Lunar shards')


additem('Melitele figurine')

additem('Meteorite ingot')

additem('Meteorite ore')

additem('Meteorite plate')

additem('Meteorite silver ingot')

additem('Meteorite silver plate')

additem('Monstrous blood')

additem('Monstrous bone')

additem('Monstrous brain')

additem('Monstrous claw')

additem('Monstrous dust')

additem('Monstrous ear')

additem('Monstrous egg')

additem('Monstrous essence')

additem('Monstrous eye')

additem('Monstrous feather')

additem('Monstrous hair')

additem('Monstrous heart')

additem('Monstrous hide')

additem('Monstrous liver')

additem('Monstrous plate')

additem('Monstrous saliva')

additem('Monstrous tongue')

additem('Monstrous tooth')



additem('Necrophage skin')

additem('Nekker blood')

additem('Nekker claw')

additem('Nekker eye')

additem('Nekker heart')

additem('Nekker warrior liver')

additem('Nightwraith dark essence')

additem('Nightwraiths hair')


additem('Nilfgaardian special forces insignia')

additem('Noonwraith light essence')



additem('Old bear skin')

additem('Old goat skin')

additem('Old rusty breadknife')

additem('Old sheep skin')

additem('Optima mater')

additem('Ornate silver shield replica')

additem('Ornate silver sword replica')


additem('Patchwork vest')




additem('Pickaxe head')

additem('Pig hide')


additem('Powdered pearl')

additem('Pure silver')


additem('Quicksilver solution')

additem('Rabbit pelt')



additem('Redanian special forces insignia')



additem('Rotfiend blood')

additem('Rotten meat')


additem('Ruby dust')

additem('Ruby flawless')


additem('Runestone greater')

additem('Runestone lesser')

additem('Rusty hammer head')

additem('Salt pepper shaker')



additem('Sapphire dust')

additem('Sapphire flawless')


additem('Scoiatael trophies')




additem('Silver amber necklace')

additem('Silver amber ring')

additem('Silver candelabra')

additem('Silver casket')

additem('Silver emerald necklace')

additem('Silver emerald ring')

additem('Silver ingot')

additem('Silver mineral')

additem('Silver mug')

additem('Silver ore')

additem('Silver pantaloons')

additem('Silver plate')

additem('Silver platter')

additem('Silver ruby necklace')

additem('Silver sapphire ring')

additem('Silver teapot')


additem('Siren vocal cords')


(Video) Witcher 3: Collect 'em all Guide

additem('Smithing tools dwarven')

additem('Smithing tools elven')

additem('Smithing tools gnomish')

additem('Smithing tools')

additem('Smoking pipe')

additem('Specter dust')

additem('Stammelfords dust')

additem('Steel ingot')

additem('Steel plate')



additem('Temerian special forces insignia')



additem('Troll skin')


additem('Valuable fossil')

additem('Vampire fang')

additem('Vampire saliva')

additem('Venom extract')



additem('Voodoo doll')

additem('Water essence')

additem('Water Hag teeth')


additem('Werewolf pelt')

additem('Werewolf saliva')

additem('Whetstone dwarven')

additem('Whetstone elven')

additem('Whetstone gnomish')


additem('White bear pelt')

additem('White wolf pelt')

additem('Wine stone')

additem('Wire rope')


additem('Wolf pelt')

additem('Wooden rung rope ladder')

additem('Worn leather pelt')

additem('Wraith essence')

additem('Wyvern egg')

additem('Wyvern plate')

Mutagens list

additem('Ancient Leshy mutagen')

additem('Arachas mutagen')

additem('Basilisk mutagen')

additem('Cockatrice mutagen')

additem('Czart mutagen')

additem('Dao mutagen')

additem('Doppler mutagen')

additem('Ekimma mutagen')

additem('Fiend mutagen')

additem('Fogling 1 mutagen')

additem('Fogling 2 mutagen')

additem('Forktail mutagen')

additem('Grave Hag mutagen')

additem('Greater mutagen blue')

additem('Greater mutagen green')

additem('Greater mutagen red')

additem('Gryphon mutagen')

additem('Katakan mutagen')

additem('Lamia mutagen')

additem('Leshy mutagen')

additem('Lesser mutagen blue')

additem('Lesser mutagen green')

additem('Lesser mutagen red')

additem('Mutagen blue')

additem('Mutagen green')

additem('Mutagen red')

additem('Nekker Warrior mutagen')

additem('Nightwraith mutagen')

additem('Noonwraith mutagen')

additem('Succubus mutagen')

additem('Troll mutagen')

additem('Volcanic Gryphon mutagen')

additem('Water Hag mutagen')

additem('Werewolf mutagen')

additem('Wraith mutagen')

additem('Wyvern mutagen')

Horse items list

additem('Horse apex tail')

additem('Horse Bag 1')

additem('Horse Bag 2')

additem('Horse Bag 3')

additem('Horse Blinder 1')

additem('Horse Blinder 2')

additem('Horse Blinder 3')

additem('Horse Cutscene Reins')

additem('Horse Hair 0')

additem('Horse Harness 0')

additem('Horse Saddle 0')

additem('Horse Saddle 1')

additem('Horse Saddle 1v2')

additem('Horse Saddle 1v3')

additem('Horse Saddle 1v4')

additem('Horse Saddle 2')

additem('Horse Saddle 2v2')

additem('Horse Saddle 2v3')

additem('Horse Saddle 2v4')

additem('Horse Saddle 3')

additem('Horse Saddle 3v2')

additem('Horse Saddle 3v3')

additem('Horse Saddle 3v4')

additem('Horse Saddle 4')

additem('Horse skinned tail')

additem('Horse Universal Reins')

Potions list

additem('Black Blood 1')

additem('Black Blood 2')

additem('Black Blood 3')

additem('Blizzard 1')

additem('Blizzard 2')

additem('Blizzard 3')

additem('Cat 1')

additem('Cat 2')

additem('Cat 3')

additem('Clearing Potion')

additem('Full Moon 1')

additem('Full Moon 2')

additem('Full Moon 3')

additem('Golden Oriole 1')

additem('Golden Oriole 2')

additem('Golden Oriole 3')

additem('Killer Whale 1')

additem('Maribor Forest 1')

additem('Maribor Forest 2')

additem('Maribor Forest 3')

additem('Petri Philtre 1')

additem('Petri Philtre 2')

additem('Petri Philtre 3')

additem('Pheromone Potion Bear 1')

additem('Pheromone Potion Drowner 1')

additem('Pheromone Potion Nekker 1')

additem('Pops Antidote')

additem('Swallow 1')

additem('Swallow 2')

additem('Swallow 3')

additem('Tawny Owl 1')

additem('Tawny Owl 2')

additem('Tawny Owl 3')

additem('Thunderbolt 1')

additem('Thunderbolt 2')

additem('Thunderbolt 3')

additem('Trial Potion Kit')

additem('Village drink')

additem('White Honey 1')

additem('White Honey 2')

additem('White Honey 3')

additem('White Raffards Decoction 1')

additem('White Raffards Decoction 2')

additem('White Raffards Decoction 3')

Bombs list

additem('Alkali Bomb 1')

additem('Alkali Bomb 2')

additem('Alkali Bomb 3')

additem('Dancing Star 1')

additem('Dancing Star 2')

additem('Dancing Star 3')

additem('Devils Puffball 1')

additem('Devils Puffball 2')

additem('Devils Puffball 3')

additem('Dragons Dream 1')

additem('Dragons Dream 2')

additem('Dragons Dream 3')

additem('Dwimeritium Bomb 1')

additem('Dwimeritium Bomb 2')

additem('Dwimeritium Bomb 3')

additem('Fungi Bomb 1')

additem('Glue Bomb 1')

additem('Grapeshot 1')

additem('Grapeshot 2')

additem('Grapeshot 3')

additem('Salt Bomb 1')

additem('Samum 1')

additem('Samum 2')

additem('Samum 3')

additem('Shrapnel Bomb 1')

additem('Silver Dust Bomb 1')

additem('Silver Dust Bomb 2')

additem('Silver Dust Bomb 3')

additem('Snow Ball')

additem('Tutorial Bomb')

additem('Virus Bomb 1')

additem('White Frost 1')

additem('White Frost 2')

additem('White Frost 3')

Food and alcohol list


additem('Apple juice')


additem('Baked apple')

additem('Baked potato')


additem('Beauclair White')

additem('Bell pepper')


additem('Bottled water')



additem('Burned bread')

additem('Burned bun')

additem('Butter Bandalura')



additem('Cherry cordia')

additem('Cherry Cordial')

additem('Chicken leg')

additem('Chicken sandwich')



additem('Cows milk')


additem('Dijkstra Dry')

additem('Dried fruit and nuts')

additem('Dried fruit')

additem('Dwarven spirit')


additem('Empty bottle')


additem('Est Est')



additem('Free nilfgaardian lemon')

additem('Free roasted chicken leg')

additem('Fried fish')

additem('Fried meat')

additem('Goats milk')


additem('Grilled chicken sandwich')

additem('Grilled pork')

additem('Gutted fish')

additem('Ham sandwich')


additem('Kaedwenian Stout')

additem('Local pepper vodka')

additem('Mahakam Spirit')

additem('Mandrake cordial')

additem('Mettina Rose')


additem('Mutton curry')

additem('Mutton leg')

additem('Nilfgaardian Lemon')









additem('Raspberry juice')

additem('Raw meat')

additem('Redanian Herbal')

additem('Redanian Lager')

additem('Rivian Kriek')

additem('Roasted chicken leg')

additem('Roasted chicken')


additem('Temerian Rye')

additem('Tirnalia potion')


additem('Very good honey')


additem('Viziman Champion')

(Video) The Witcher 3 Wild hunt: How To Use Console Commands (PC 2021)

additem('White Gull 1')

additem('Wolf liver')


Is there cheat codes for Witcher 3? ›

How PC Cheat Codes Work in The Witcher 3 - YouTube

What is the answer to the riddle Witcher 3? ›

The Witcher 3 Hearts of Stone - How To Solve Master Mirror's Riddle

How do you get 1000 gold in Witcher 3? ›

It works like this:
  1. Step 1: Go to the merchant at Hierarch Square in Novigrad. ...
  2. Step 2: Go to the armorer right next to the merchant. ...
  3. Step 3: Sell the pearls to the armorer until he runs out of money.
  4. Step 4: Meditate for 5 days and the armorer will have roughly 1000 coins again. ...
  5. Step 5: Repeat.

Can you fly in Witcher 3? ›

Thanks to another mod, we now can fly in The Witcher 3 : r/witcher.

What is the max level in Witcher 3? ›

The Witcher 3 Ability Points

The maximum ability level is seventy and you can get these ability points from places of power or level your character. You have the option to increase the level cap to hundred levels but it requires you to buy Blood DLC, Wine DLC, and the New Game+.

Can Anna Henrietta live? ›

Syanna Dies, Anna Henrietta Lives

This may be either the neutral or the bad Blood and Wine ending (in which case the next ending is downright tragic), depending on how dear Syanna is to you. In 'The Night of the Long Fangs,' find Syanna, but do not get the ribbon in 'Beyond Hill and Dale.

Who killed Regis Witcher? ›

Sadly, the expedition ended tragically for Regis. He was killed by Vilgefortz, who reduced him to nothing more than a wet stain. Hence the witcher's immense surprise at encountering his old friend – after all, he had seen Regis die with his own eyes.

What is Gaunter O DIMM's name? ›

Games. Gaunter O'Dimm, sometimes called Master Mirror or Man of Glass, was a powerful individual, creating pacts with people in exchange for their souls and being able to control time with a mere clap of his hands.

Can you get your 1000 crowns back? ›

As the quest begins, you will need a minimum of 1,000 crowns (don't worry though, you'll get them all back).

How do I farm gold in Witcher 3? ›


Does Captain Wolverstone body disappear? ›

The shore you wash up on when first arriving in Skellige, loot Captain Wolverstones body and you will find 1050 crowns on him! His body is around the shipwreck closer to the land where you wash up.

What is the strongest sword in Witcher 3? ›

The Aerondight silver sword is only available through the Blood and Wine expansion, but is the best sword in the entire game. In this guide to the Witcher 3 Aerondight sword, we'll be providing you with all the info you need in order to obtain the unique weapon.

What happens if you don't take the rose from Iris? ›

Leave the rose

If Geralt decides to let Iris keep the rose, the dog and cat will be resigned to their fate to watch over her, hoping another in the future will free them. Iris will go back into her slumber, and Geralt leaves through the portal back into the real world.


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