Return to Crookback Bog, Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Quest (2022)

1. Meet the baron in Downwarren.

Go to the village of Downwarren where you will meet the baron and the ealdorman. If you have freed the spirit trapped under the tree, the village will be severely damaged and many of its residents will be dead. The ealdorman will tell you about a group of witch hunters, among whom was a girl, who recently passed through the village and went to the swamps.

2. Go with the baron to the Crones' huts in the bog.

The Baron decides to head to the swamps right away. You can go there together with him or you can use the fast travel option to The Orphans of Crookback Bog. If you go with the baron, don't stray too far away from him and assist him and his men in killing the drowners and water hags you meet on the way.

If you go too far away, the quest will end in failure.

The witcher never saw the baron again. Perhaps the upstart lord of Velen died in the swamps while trying to find his wife - or perhaps he wanders there still to this day...

3. Help the witch hunters fight the monsters.

When you get to the orphanage, you'll find witch hunters and the baron's daughter - Tamara, fighting the drowners. Help them kill all the monsters. Depending on whether you have talked to Tamara and Graden in Oxenfurt before, the dialogues between you will be slightly different.

The baron will be happy to see his daughter, but Tamara will still be very angry with him for what he did to her mother. Eventually you will start looking around for Anna. You will find her in the building with the tapestry. If you killed the spirit trapped under the tree, Anna will still be human, but what she went through made her lose her mind.

If you've freed the spirit, you'll find that witches have punished Anna for not keeping an eye on the children by turning her into a monster.

In both cases, when all of you will try to determine what to do next, a terrible roar will come to you from the marshes.

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4. Prepare for a fight. / Kill the fiend and the other monsters.

After a while, which you can use to prepare yourself for the fight, you will be attacked by a few drowners and water hags and finally by the giant fiend. Kill them all.

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Once you've dealt with all the monsters, then depending on the state of Anna, the rest of the quest will go differently.

If Anna is a human being, the baron will take her with him and set off to some hermit in the hope that he will be able to help and cure her. The quest will end and you will receive 100 crowns.

Geralt decided to help the baron and went with him into the bog. There they ran into unexpected company: Tamara, accompanied by a band of witch hunters, had also ventured out in search of Anna.

They joined forces and, in the end, Anna was found, but, sadly, her mind was lost for good. Driven near mad himself with grief, the baron swore he would take his addled wife away from Velen and search the whole world for someone able to help her. As for Tamara, she and the witch hunters returned to Novigrad. And then... well, dear reader, the ultimate fate of the baron and his family is a tale for another time.

...or, if Anna is turned into a monster, Geralt will decide to try to remove the curse cast on her by the crones.

Geralt decided to help the baron and ventured with him into the bog. There they happened upon unexpected company - Tamara and a band of witch hunters, who had also set out in search of Anna.

They joined forces and found Anna, sadly turned into a terrible beast by a curse the Crones had cast. Geralt decided he would try to lift the curse and went to Johnny, the godling, for help.

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5. (Optional) Removing the curse from Anna.

In order to lift the curse from Anna, Geral must learn something about this curse. He'll come to the conclusion that Johnny may have seen something and will be able to help him.

5.1. Visit Johnny to find out what happened to Anna. / Use your Witcher Senses to find Johnny.

Go to the burrow where Johnny lives. You won't find him there, but just the two drowners and a water hag which you'll have to kill. Find Johnny's footprints and follow them until you find him sleeping in a shack. Johnny will tell you about the hidden cellar where you'll probably be able to find something to help you lift the curse from Anna.

5.2. Tell the others what happened to Anna.

Go back to the others and tell them what you found out. No matter what you say, Graden decides to enter the basement together with you.

5.3. Find the door to the hidden room. / Enter the cave.

The entrance to the basement is in the building with the tapestry. When you go down, you will find some dolls there. Graden will explain their role to you but it will be up to you to decide which doll is related to the curse cast on Anna. It's the doll with the violet hollyhock bloom attached to it.

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If you choose a correct doll, the curse will be lifted. Unfortunately the crones turned out to be smarter than you thought, and Anna will die after a while. But before this happens, the baron, his wife and daughter will be able to reconcile.

And Johnny, as always, proved very helpful indeed. He revealed to Geralt that the Crones worked their magic in the cellar of the hut with the tapestry. When Geralt and Graden descended down into it, they found a collection of dolls with various items attached to them. They tried to lift the curse by removing the doll that represented Anna, but their efforts ended in catastrophe - Anna's curse was lifted, but she died soon afterwards, for the Crones had constructed it to leave death as its parting gift. Following her mother's death, Tamara returned to Oxenfurt, her spirits crushed. The baron, in no less foul a mood, went back to Crow's Perch. Geralt watched him walk away, wondering if he would ever see the man again.

Choosing the wrong doll will cause Anna to burn alive.

And Johnny, as always, proved very helpful indeed. He revealed to Geralt that the Crones worked their magic in the basement of the hut with the tapestry. When Geralt and Graden descended into the basement, they found a collection of dolls with various items attached to them. They tried to reverse the curse by removing the doll that represented Anna, but their efforts ended in catastrophe - Anna burst into flames and died. Tamara returned to Oxenfurt following her mother's death, her spirits crushed. The baron, in no less foul a mood, went back to Crow's Perch. Geralt watched him walk away, wondering if he would ever see the man again.

In both cases, the Baron will be devastated. Before he leaves, he will tell you to come to Crow's Perch to collect your payment.

5.4. Talk to the baron.

When you reach the castle, you will see that baron hanged himself in despair after losing a loved one on a tree in the courtyard. Even so, you will receive 100 crowns and the quest will be completed.

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In the end, Geralt decided he would look in on the baron. When he reached Crow's Perch, he inquired after the man but was saddened to learn he was dead. The lord of Velen had hanged himself, ending his reign and his sorrow.


Return to Crookback Bog, Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Quest? ›

Return to Crookback Bog is a secondary quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt which occurs right after Geralt of Rivia agrees to help the Bloody Baron reclaim his wife, Anna. Note: this quest will fail if not completed before starting The Isle of Mists.

How do I get the Return to Crookback Bog quest? ›

This secondary quest will only trigger once you've completed all of Family Matters and reported back to the Baron, who asks you there and then for help freeing his wife from the Crones. Head over to Downwarren and meet with the Baron, and follow him and his men through the swamp.

Should I save Anna or the orphans? ›

Based on evaluation, the most optimal decision if players want to save the Downwarren villagers, the Baron, and Anna would be to kill the Ghost in the Tree. However, that opens up another can of worms for the orphans of Crookback Bog.

Who Should Anna go with Witcher 3? ›

In the cellar are dolls, but only one of them will lift the curse. To find the right one, Geralt must decide which dolls is most representative of Anna. While the pearls may be the obvious choice, the real answer is the doll with the Hollyhock blossom - her favorite flower.

Can you save Anna and the Baron Witcher 3? ›

The Baron Takes Anna To The Blue Mountains

It's among the hardest decisions in The Witcher 3, but you'll trigger this 'Blue Mountains' conclusion by going for the kill option. However, a little-known fact is that it's also possible to achieve this ending and still free the spirit.

Can you stop the Baron from hanging himself? ›

For The Baron to die after Return to Crookback Bog, all that you will need to do is to release the spirit in the tree during the main questline. While this decision can kill The Baron, you can still affect how it plays out.

Can you save the orphans and Anna? ›

There's no way to save both. Anna is punished specifically because the children got away. Saving her means leaving them where they are, most likely to have been eaten by the time Geralt returns with the Baron for Anna.

Are the Crones evil? ›

Type of Villains

The Crones are the main antagonists of the Velen arc in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The three women, named Whispess, Weavess and Brewess, are witches living in Crookback Bog in Velen. Despite their evil nature, the people of Velen depend on them.

Should I sacrifice the kids in Witcher 3? ›

Why You Should Sacrifice The Children of Crookback Bog In The ...

What happens if I free the tree spirit? ›

Spirit is free: If the spirit is freed, it saves the children from the Crones, and eventually places them in the care of Marabella at Novigrad. However, the spirit attacks Downwarren, killing most of the villagers. The Crones punish Anna for losing the children and curse her as a water hag.

Is there a way to save the baron? ›

It's a complex curse, one that Geralt will not be able to remove. When he tries, she dies. If she dies, the Baron becomes so despondent, he's found hanging from a tree at Crow's Perch later on. So just kill the Spirit and all will be well.

How do you save Anna and Baron? ›

Witcher 3 Guide: How To Get Every Baron Ending - YouTube

Can Anna Henrietta live? ›

Syanna Dies, Anna Henrietta Lives

This may be either the neutral or the bad Blood and Wine ending (in which case the next ending is downright tragic), depending on how dear Syanna is to you. In 'The Night of the Long Fangs,' find Syanna, but do not get the ribbon in 'Beyond Hill and Dale.

Who should you romance Witcher 3? ›

The ultimate, best romances in The Witcher 3, however, are the following.
  1. 1 Yennefer.
  2. 2 Triss. ...
  3. 3 Syanna. ...
  4. 4 Shani. ...
  5. 5 Keira. ...
  6. 6 Jutta an Dimun. ...
  7. 7 Madame Sasha. Players need to be good at Gwent for this romance option. ...
  8. 8 The Brothels. In Novigrad, there are two brothels: Passiflora and Crippled Kate's. ...
Jan 29, 2022

What happens if you free the Ghost in the Tree Witcher 3? ›

Free the spirit

If instead of slaying the beast, Geralt frees the spirit beneath the tree, the Hillock will help the orphans in the bog escape. Enraged that she allowed this to happen, the Crones promise Anna that she will be punished.

How do you keep Anna alive? ›

The requirements for saving Anna is that you carry out the crones' wishes (kill the spirit) IF you speak to them and haven't killed the spirit yet, ie. spirit still alive; spoken to crones; must kill spirit.

What happens if you pick the wrong doll Witcher 3? ›

However, if the wrong doll is chosen, Anna, still as a water hag, will burst into flames and die.

Is the tree evil in Witcher 3? ›

- Tree spirit is evil in itself. It wants to slaughter an entire village and whisk away the children. We don't have any guarantees the children will be safe with the spirit. - Since both the tree spirit and the crones are clearly evil, you at the very least get a chance to wipe out one of the two evils in the area.

Should you save the whispering hillock? ›

You can continue to free the spirit by starting the ritual, trick the tree, or kill the spirit. Freeing the spirit or tricking it will end the quest. Choosing to kill it will start a fight with it. Killing it will end the quest.

How do you save the Crones kids? ›

Slowly approach them and use the Axii sign to tame one of the horses. Ride the horse back to the tree spirit to free the spirit. If you do this AFTER starting the main quest “Ladies of the Wood”, the tree will free the children at Crookback Bog, which will upset the Crones and spell danger for Gran.

Should you free the tree spirit Witcher 3? ›

Which should you choose? There's no clean or tidy outcome for this quest, but the most generally positive solution is to kill the Ghost in the Tree.

WHY DOES the Wild Hunt want Ciri? ›

Ciri is wanted by the Aen Elle/Wild Hunt because she is the destined "Daughter of Chaos," and she has a tremendous power inside of her that she has yet to fully understand. Her untapped magic can undo the power of the Conjunction, which would allow the Wild Hunt to continue its trans-dimensional carnage and kidnapping.

Can I loot the Crones? ›

When Ciri has killed the crones and you took control of Geralt, you have to glitch back to the demons lair. He even has key and everything. You can then go to the crones and their loot is still there. One drops an ear, etc.

Is it better to save the tree Witcher 3? ›

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Knowing beforehand the crowns are evil how is agreeing to kill the tree sprit a good thing and saving him only makes the outcome worse and it becomes a horse. The tree spirit is possibly just as evil, or even more so, than the Crones.

Can you ride Black Beauty Witcher 3? ›

"Black Beauty" is the titular horse in novel by Anna Sewell. By using Axii before mounting, you can ride Black Beauty for an extended period.

Should I help Ladies of the Wood? ›

You can also save the Baron and his wife in the quest "Return to Crookback Bog" if you make the correct choices. While there's no clear "best" choice, you are able to save more lives by choosing to kill the spirit rather than free it, but it is up to you whether or not those lives are actually worth saving.

What happens if you free the Whispering Hillock before meeting the Crones? ›

Freeing the tree spirit before you get the quest from the crones, just means the trigger that tells the crones you freed the spirit isn't set. & so instead of cursing Anna (which is certain death) she goes insane for good. (just as she would if you killed the tree spirit.)

What happens if I refuse Bloody Baron? ›

If the player chose not to kill the Baron's men during The Nilfgaardian Connection quest by choosing a peaceful dialogue option but aggravating the men afterwards and then fleeing the fight, this still counts as killing then for the purposes of the quest.

Do you ever see the bloody Baron again? ›

No. He's either dead or have left with Anna to take her to a healer. This also means, that if you forgot to play him in Gwent, the Velen Players quest is dead (sadly it doesn't fail as it should, for some reason).

What are the bloody Baron's clothes stained with? ›

The Bloody Baron is the Slytherin House ghost, a grim, silent, and terrifying specter with a gaunt face and blank eyes. His robes are covered with silver bloodstains.

Does sleeping with Syanna affect anything? ›

While her romance route isn't quite as in-depth as Shani's, it still has more to offer than Geralt's other flings in the main game. Romancing Syanna has no impact on the rest of the game and the other romance options that Geralt can pursue.

Can you save Vesemir? ›

you cannot save Vesimir since he is the reason Ciri go into trance and actually by doing this save everyone. you know he died just to make he do it. he a mortar . probably saved the enitre world of the game by dying .

Should Ciri be a Witcher or empress? ›

Despite her powers, Ciri hasn't undergone the Trial of Grasses, so she doesn't have the enhanced physical prowess or longevity of a Witcher. Being an empress is a safer option for Ciri, and the comforts, protection, and amenities such a lifestyle provides means she'll probably live a far longer time.

What happens if you skip return to Crookback bog? ›

The quest, along with many others, automatically fails if it's undone when you enter the Isle of Mists later in the campaign. If that's why it failed for you, just reload the save.

Where is Crookback bog in The Witcher 3? ›

Crookback Bog is a large swamp area in southern Velen.

How do you investigate all remaining leads in Velen? ›

How to 'investigate all remaining leads' in Family Matters. Later in the Family Matters quest, you'll come to a point where you must 'investigate all remaining leads'. To resolve this, you must complete the other main quest, Ladies of the Wood, to help continue things along.

Should I take the fall for Fishgulper? ›

Fishgulper (in Lindenvale, #3). He'll ask you to take pity on him so he can win the prize for the fight. If you agree, then you'll be able to beat him in a rematch to continue the quest. If you refuse, then you'll be able to give him 5 crowns afterwards so he can feed himself.

Can I skip the Bloody Baron quest? ›

No, it isn't. You need to do the Bloody Baron quest to at least the point where you see Uma with him. Which means you also need to do the relevant quests in the Keira/Ladies questline, by the way.

What happens if I refuse Bloody Baron? ›

If the player chose not to kill the Baron's men during The Nilfgaardian Connection quest by choosing a peaceful dialogue option but aggravating the men afterwards and then fleeing the fight, this still counts as killing then for the purposes of the quest.

How do you get the good Bloody Baron ending? ›

Witcher 3 Guide: How To Get Every Baron Ending - YouTube

How do I start Ladies of the Wood? ›

To start this mission, you need to complete “Wandering in the Dark” and read the book Keira Metz gave you aptly titled “The Ladies of the Wood.” After that, head toward the marker in the swamps.

How do you investigate the baron's wife in Witcher 3? ›

Before proceeding in Family Matters Geralt must find the Baron's wife Anna, which can only be done by completing the quests Hunting a Witch, Wandering in the Dark and Ladies of the Wood.

How do I save Anna in Witcher 3 Blood and Wine? ›

There's no way to keep everyone alive in Blood and Wine, but if you want the expansion's 'best' ending you must kill Detlaff and save the sisters. To achieve this, seek out Syanna during the Night of the Long Fangs, enter the Fairy Tale world, take the ribbon, and defeat Detlaff.

How do you complete Ciri's footsteps? ›

To complete this quest, you must complete the whole main questline in Velen, Novigrad and Skellige.

How do you find out what's killing villagers from Downwarren? ›

Find out what's killing villagers from Downwarren

A voice greets you as you near the area but pay it no heed. Instead, proceed up the hill until you reach the large, gnarled tree. Take care of any wolves roaming the area, then activate your Senses.

How do you lure Gran away from the hut? ›

You'll again get rebuffed, and now you need to find a way to lure Gran, the old woman, away from the hut. Speak to the kids outside and they'll ask you to play Hide and Seek with them, in exchange for luring the old woman away. There are, in fact, two ways to do this: Play Hide and Seek, as requested.

Should Geralt throw the fight? ›

It's just free Crowns and experience, so there's no reason not to do it. As a reward for throwing the fight you'll get twice what you bet (160 Crowns) as well as an extra 80 Crowns.

What happens if you dont help Letho? ›

If Geralt doesn't intervene:

Letho could now simply lie low for a spell and wait for the world to forget about him...

Should you throw fight Witcher? ›

The bookie asks you to throw the fight; if you elect to do so, don't bet on yourself, or you'll lose money. When you make a real attempt, bet heavily, of course; you got this. The second match is against Archibald O'Neill at the Portside Gate.


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