Fylde Bird Club - Sightings report (2022)

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14th July

Cocker's DykeLittle Egret3After peak tideNJL CH
Golden Plover1
Great Black-​backed Gull2
Golden Plover1
Greenfinch5f1 female on fence with 4 young
Corn Bunting1
Rabbit2Pitch black
Small Tortoiseshell1
Small White10+
Meadow Brown30+
new species1Six-​spot burnet moth
Fluke HallOystercatcher125+An hour before peak tideNJL CH
House Martin5
Great Black-​backed Gull4
Mallard1fWith 9 chicks at Fanny Bridge
Meadow Pipit10+
Reed Bunting2m
Black-​tailed Godwit30+
Little Egret10
Meadow Brown50+
Small Skipper2
Small White20+
Small Copper2
Myerscough QuarryLittle Egret1
Little Grebe5
Tufted Duck8ad fem, 7 ducklings
Reed Bunting2malessinging
CockersandDunlinc300Plover ScarJohn Wood
Golden Plover152Plover Scar
Grey Plover1Plover Scar
Oystercatcher75Plover Scar
Ringed Plover4Plover Scar
Whimbrel1Lune Estuary
Common Tern2Off Plover Scar
Grey Heron1Lune Estuary
Little Egret2
Mediterranean Gull2Ad & immLune Estuary
Redshank1Plover Scar

13th July

Staining NookCetti's Warbler1Singing, east sideTS
House Martin6To the SE
Marton MereSnipe2Island poolTS
Great Black-​backed Gull2ads
Buzzard1Over Chain Lane
Tufted Duck32m
Herons' Reach Golf CourseLittle Grebe62 ad, 4 juvsAd + 4 juvs -​ west side pool, ad -​ central poolTS
Oystercatcher2adsGreen 1
Black-​headed Gull1juvGreen 1
Stock Dove1Green 1
Swift3Over west side pool
Swallow7Over west side pool
Lytham QuaysCommon Sandpiper26In the creek.DS
Avocet2On the marsh
Corn Bunting1Singing
House Martin8
Conder GreenLittle Ringed Plover4Ad + 3yPool -​ Possibly 4y -​ very small & mobile, adult also brooded one.J Wood
Little Grebe9Pool
Common Sandpiper9Creek
Stock Dove1Pool
Glasson MarshGreenshank1EstuaryJ Wood
Skippool CreekCommon Sandpiper31Paul Slade
Black-​tailed Godwit29
Golden Plover13
Reed Bunting1
hybrid Herring Gull x Lesser Black-​backed Gull1adult
Black-​headed Gull1leucistic
Little Egret21
Devonshire Rock GardensBlackcap1SingingDJM
Wren2Butterfly zone
White-​letter Hairstreak1Butterfly zone
Comma1Butterfly zone
Large White1Butterfly zone
Red Admiral1Butterfly zone
Holly Blue1Butterfly zone
Meadow Brown50+Southern rough field
Gatekeeper4Southern rough field
Small Copper3Southern rough field
Large Skipper2Southern rough field
Small Skipper5+Southern rough field
Warton BankMarsh Harrier2JuvsA myo

12th July

CockersandWhimbrel2JC Wood
Golden Plover4
Sedge Warbler2
Pied Wagtail4
Stock Dove2
Painted Lady1
Bone HillQuail1calling, apparently from wheat fieldSD434463Paul Ellis
Cocker's DykeGolden Plover7Paul Ellis
Common Gull74
Great Black-​backed Gull16
Kestrel1over beach
Salisbury WoodlandRing-​necked Parakeet1TS
Stanley ParkGreat Crested Grebe1adTS
Mute Swan17+ 2 ads + 8 two thirds grown juvs, 2 ads + 5 Mallard sized young
Stock Dove1
Herons' Reach Golf CoursePied Wagtail2m, fMale on green 1, later fem. collecting food and flew into the zooTS
Song Thrush54 singing
Swallow5Over green 1
Little Grebe4ad + 3 juvsWest side pool
Marton MereGadwall1fTS
Tufted Duck1m
Lapwing1juvIsland pool
Oystercatcher1Barn field
Buzzard1Low over Mere View
House Martin10To the NE
Lytham HallGreat Spotted Woodpecker1AA
Song Thrush2
Purple Hairstreak1
Large White3
Small White3
Meadow Brown30+
Fairhaven DunesWhitethroat1AA
Meadow Pipit5
Small White5
Small Skipper4
Meadow Brown20+
Lytham QuaysCommon Sandpiper18A myo
Herons' Reach Golf CourseJay1Trees between green 1 and the practice fieldTS
Marton MereBullfinch1mSW scrub Rowans area, later west side of NW scrubTS
Pilling LaneHouse Martin1at nest
Song Thrush1
Cocker's DykeMediterranean Gull43 adults and juv
Grey Plover10
Black-​headed Gull500
Great Black-​backed Gull6
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Knott EndMediterranean Gull159ads,3 2s, 2 1s, juv
Sandwich Tern22
Herring Gull602 juveniles

11th July

Bone HillQuail1Singing tepeatedly 1230. Dfw
Ingol Village Golf CourseRing-​necked Parakeet3Steve Swift
Stalmine MossCorn Bunting2singing Union One / Moss Side LanePaul Ellis
Tree Sparrow2Union Lane
Bone HillYellowhammer3singingPaul Ellis
Corn Bunting1singing
Tree Sparrow14on wires
Pilling LaneNuthatch1Beach Road amPaul Ellis
Raven6over together heading east
Ridge FarmSwallow75over farm fields and sea wallPaul Ellis
Starling450on wires
Myerscough QuarryBlack-​necked Grebe1juvPaul Ellis
Little Grebe54 ad, 1 juv
Great Crested Grebe2
Black-​tailed Skimmer20
Reed Bunting3singing
ThorntonHerring Gull201 youngRed Marsh Industrial Estate
Swift11Lawsons Road
Conder GreenSwift8At Berry's farmSD466556Barry Dyson
Little Ringed Plover1AdultConder pool
Avocet1510ads, 5 juvsConder pool
Common Tern185 ads, 13 juvsConder pool
Black-​headed Gull3617 ads, 19 juvsConder pool
Common Sandpiper2Conder pool
Ringlet2Conder pool in front of hide
Meadow Brown3Conder pool in front of hide
Knott EndSandwich Tern278
Mediterranean Gull21+13+ads,2s,3+1s,4+juv
Lesser Black-​backed Gull201 juvenile
Herring Gull180
Black-​headed Gull450
Sand Martin1
Cabus NookReed Bunting2m&fBy canalBarry Dyson
House Sparrow6
LathwaiteKestrel1Went for Hobby on several occasions before both went their separate ways 12.05pm Barry Dyson
Forton Hall FarmJackdawc150Barry Dyson
Pied Wagtail4
FortonSwift10Circling around the village 11.05amBarry Dyson
Swallow1Entering outbuilding at Goose greenSD478505
Skippool CreekWhimbrel1Paul Slade
Common Sandpiper22
Little Egret231 juv
Black-​tailed Godwit1
Mediterranean Gull31s, 2ads
Golden Plover7
Grange ParkSwift9
Goldcrest1Boundary Park
Staining NookHouse Martin8To the SETS
Tree Sparrow51 juvMere View
Marton MereBlack-​headed Gull230+On the mere at 14.00. 10 juvsTS
Tufted Duck106m
Herons' Reach Golf CourseRobin4juvsPath near Newton Hall caravansTS
Goldfinch5NW corner
Willow Warbler1Central pool bushes
Oystercatcher1Green 1
Little Grebe43 pools. Ad + juv, ad, ad
Painted Lady1
Myerscough QuarryBlack-​necked Grebe1Still present 7pmJC Wood
Willow Warbler1Food in bill near canal
Reed Bunting1m
Song Thrush21 in song + 1 juv.
St Annes Old LinksMediterranean Gull1AdAB
Freckleton Naze PointMediterranean Gull1AdultHigh tide roost with bhgullsDS
Green Sandpiper1In boat yard creek
Little Grebe1AdultIn pool creek
Common Sandpiper10+In pool creek.
Head Dyke LaneBarn Owl1Hunting Long Wood this amAC
PreesallBarn Owl1Hunting am, sunnyside AC

10th July

Pilling LaneWhimbrel1over sea wall callingPaul Ellis / Kinta Beaver
FortonJay1Paul Ellis / Paul Slade
Conder GreenLittle Ringed Plover52 ad, 3 small juvspoolPaul Ellis / Paul Slade
Redshank42 ad 2 large juvspool
Kingfisher1adultpool on depth gauge
Mediterranean Gull5as, 2 2nd s, 2 1st spool together
Tree Sparrow3pool
Sedge Warbler1singing pool
Pied Wagtail2feeding 2nd brood on tern raft in tern tray
Common Tern14+ pairs many juvs some flying
Avocetmany juvs, some recently hatched
Common Sandpiper2creek
WeshamRaven2on telecom tower Weeton RoadPaul Ellis / Paul Slade
Preston DockCommon Tern21 chicksSome ready to fledge. More young probably out of sight in nest traysPaul Ellis / Paul Slade
Great Crested Grebe4none currently on nest
Stake PoolKestrel3north side
Buzzard1north side
Knott EndSandwich Tern140
Grey Heron1
Blackbird21 juvenile
Staining NookHouse Sparrow42mBrambles by pond in field to the SETS
Tree Sparrow5Mere View
(Video) Natural phenomenon sees starlings turn sky black
Marton MereLapwing2juvsIsland poolTS
Linnet2North side
Long-​tailed Tit9NE scrub
Buzzard2Over Gipsy Hole Wood
Stock Dove7Barn roof
Tufted Duck1f
Herons' Reach Golf CourseLesser Whitethroat1SW pit areaTS
Whitethroat1SW pit area
Reed Bunting1SW pool
Oystercatcher1Green 1
Swallow3SW area
Little Grebe1juvWest side pool
Eagland HillMediterranean Gull1AdultDrifting over Bradshaw lane.DS
Corn Bunting4Singing
Tree Sparrow30
Weshamnew species1in my garden on budlia humming bird hawk motha myoh
Myerscough QuarryBlack-​necked Grebe1juvpit viewable from canal bridgeSD
Common Sandpiper1
Tufted Duck3
Tufted Duck3
Canada Goose52including three broods
Great Crested Grebe2
Little Grebe7
Reed Warbler1msinging canal
Little Egret1
Grey Heron2
Staining NookWater Rail1Calling from overgrown ditch by NW cornerTS
BisphamSwift3Jan B
Gatekeeper3east side of Gala field
Meadow Brown15
Small Skipper2
Brown Hawker1east side of Gala field

9th July

Herons' Reach Golf CourseLesser Whitethroat2+North side of SW pit/scrub by adjacent poolTS
Cetti's Warbler1Singing near SW pit
Pied Wagtail1Green 1
Oystercatcher3Green 1/central green
Little Grebe2ad + juvWest side pool
Small Skipper3
Common Blue butterfly1m
Marton MereBuzzard31 over Gipsy Hole Wood, 2 to the NETS
Great Spotted Woodpecker1NE over east end
Black-​headed Gull8
Tufted Duck1f
Swallow5Over barn field
Lytham QuaysCommon Sandpiper12In creek.DS
Avocet2On marsh pool .
Pied Wagtail86 juv
Swift40+Hawking over marsh 19.00
House Martin10+
Freckleton Naze PoolGreen Sandpiper3In creek opposite boat yard .DS
Common Sandpiper7In pool creek .
Redshank32On pool
Little Egret27On river
Jay42 juv
Raven1Heard only .

8th July

Marton MereSwift10TS
Stock Dove8Barn roof
Black-​headed Gull53 ads, 2cy, juv
Oystercatcher1Over NW
Tufted Duck22m
Herons' Reach Golf CourseWillow Warbler1Waste compoundTS
Swallow7Over green 1
Swift2SW area
Kestrel1mHunting west side rough
Stock Dove1West side rough
Great Spotted Woodpecker1mNW end
Mallard5m, f + 3 youngWest side pool
Little Grebe2ad + juvWest side pool
Bone HillQuailCall only -​ not seenSD433463J Wood
Corn Bunting2In song
Yellowhammer2m + fFemale carrying food
Grey Partridge1SD437462
Tree Sparrowc30One flock
Reed Bunting2
Great Tit
Blue Tit
Robin2Ad + juv.
Grey Heron1
Collared Dove2
Carrion Crow
KirkhamBullfinch1MOn my feeders G Coulburn
TrealesYellowhammer5Jacobs laneG Coulburn
Meadow Brown1F
Marton MereGarden Warbler1Excellent views at 7 metres in small Hawthorn by wooden barrier at the SW corner of NE field. Local breeding?TS
Skylark1Singing, very high over SE field
Lapwing2ad + juvIsland pool
Red-​legged Partridge1Mere View garden
Bank EndSwift11AC
Pied Wagtail7
House Sparrow20Bank End farm colony
Cockerham Moss EdgeSwift7AC
Knott EndSwift4Feeding AC
St AnnesSparrowhawk1Failed ambush of Magpie. Chased off by MagpiesSimon Tudor

7th July

Pilling LaneCoal Tit1Beach RoadPaul Ellis / Kinta Beaver
FulwoodTawny Owl1Adult femaleDrinking from a water feature on our flat garage roof for Birds., sited close to the Harris Park.jim Clift
Cumming CarrGrasshopper Warbler2SingingSteve Swift
Reed Bunting2Singing
Long-​tailed Tit3
Marton MereCommon Gull1adTS
Black-​headed Gull1juv
Lesser Black-​backed Gull12ads
Linnet2East end
Herons' Reach Golf CourseCetti's Warbler1Singing, SW pitTS
Swallow8Over green 1/long west side pool
Swift2SW area
Stock Dove1Green 1
Oystercatcher1adGreen 1
Little Grebe1adWest side pool
Stanley ParkCommon Sandpiper1South islandTS
Grey Wagtail2South island
Coal Tit1Feeders west of Heron island
Black-​headed Gull25ads
Tufted Duck8
Mute Swan10+2 ads + 8 juvs
Great Crested Grebe1ad
ElswickGreat Spotted Woodpecker1JuvPauline Clark
Tree Sparrow1
House Sparrow2
Collared Dove2
Blackpool AirportHobby1South 11:42RJS
Mediterranean Gull1ad
Stock Dove2
Shard BridgeCommon Sandpiper3NJL CH
Little Egret7
Black-​headed Gull20+
Great Black-​backed Gull2
Small Tortoiseshell1
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Wardley's CreekOystercatcher10NJL CH
Little Egret5
Grey Heron1
Black-​headed Gull60+
Great Black-​backed Gull8
Skippool CreekCommon Sandpiper28NJL CH
Great Black-​backed Gull12
Grey Heron1
Little Egret11
Shelduck41Ad3 pairs with 5, 5 and 8 young
Collared Dove2
Reed Bunting3m
Swallow2Pair feeding 5 young on mooring rope
Tree Sparrow2
Bar-​tailed Godwit7
Small Tortoiseshell2
Lesser Black-​backed Gull8
Black-​headed Gull100+
Golden Plover7
Warton BankMarsh Harrier1a myo
Dark Green Fritillary1first for me
Skippool CreekCommon Sandpiper36mid morningFrank Bird
Golden Plover9
Shard BridgeCommon Sandpiper2mid morningFrank Bird
Little SingletonCommon Sandpiper7mid morningFrank Bird
MartonGreat Crested Grebe1juvTS
Bullfinch1Calling around SW scrub Rowans. Lots of Orange berries already. 6 sightings here last year, but all in October
Barn Owl1Perched behind Mere View, 9.50
Wesham MarshRaven3over marsha myo
Water Rail1heard only
Linnet50feeding on rape seed

6th July

Carr House Green CommonSparrowhawk1Taking food to nestSteve Swift
Sedge Warbler1
Song Thrush1
Staining NookBarn Owl1Perched on post east of Mere View, 18.45TS
Herons' Reach Golf CourseLittle Grebe1adWest side poolTS
Oystercatcher2adsGreen 1
Swallow5Over green 1
House Martin3Over east side of crossing path
Skippool CreekCommon Sandpiper30Paul Slade
Golden Plover6
Black-​headed Gull760
Little Egret9
Marton MereGreat Crested Grebe1juvNo broods here or Stanley ParkTS

5th July

Pilling LaneGrey Wagtail2over Beach Road together heading westPaul Ellis / Kinta Beaver
Marton MereBullfinch2m, fFlew off NE from SW scrub. Later male west over north scrubsTS
Greenfinch1mNC scrub
Linnet3Over the embankment
House Martin3Over barn field
Sand Martin3West over the mere
Kestrel1mOver east fields
Tufted Duck1f
Herons' Reach Golf CourseKestrel1mHunting west side roughTS
Stock Dove1Green 1
Oystercatcher1NW green
Glasson MarshGolden Plover2Estuary then West over GlassonJohn Wood
Tufted Duck4mEstuary
Mediterranean Gull1AdEstuary
Shelduck172ad + 15yEstuary
Great Crested Grebe1Estuary
Bank EndSand Martin30+Over marsh & visiting nest holes on marsh.John Wood
Little Owl1Hillam FarmSD452529
Blackpool CentralPeregrine2TS
Fairhaven DunesSparrowhawk1fClifton dunesAA
Small Copper4
Small Heath1
Small Skipper25+
Meadow Brown20+
Red Admiral1
Small White5
Speckled Wood3
new species1Hummingbird hawk-​moth

4th July

Little SingletonCommon Sandpiper5
Little Egret10
Greylag Goose22including probably two broods
Herons' Reach Golf CourseSparrowhawk1fSeized a Blackbird on the narrow path next to the NW entrance gate, and flew off with it pursued by two MagpiesTS
Mistle Thrush1Near the Village Hotel tennis court
Pied Wagtail1Green 1
Pheasant1fCentral area
Oystercatcher1Green by SSSI hedgerow
Tufted Duck2m, fWest side pool
Swallow4Over green 1
Marton MereCormorant3TS
Sparrowhawk32f, m2 fems. circling over SW side. Male with prey over east field
Skippool CreekCommon Sandpiper33Paul Slade
Golden Plover7
Little Egret11
Conder GreenMediterranean Gull65ad 1 immPoolJ Wood
Common Sandpiper2Pool
CockersandMediterranean Gull16AdultResting & feeding with other gulls in field inland from Lighthouse Cottage. May have been some immatures as well but heat haze made viewing unclear to pick out detail.SD432544 J Wood
Pilling LaneSedge Warbler1in reedy ditch east of Beach RoadSD37124928Paul Ellis
Bourbles PitsSedge Warbler2singing field to southSD375476Paul Ellis
Reed Bunting1singing field to southSD375476
Sedge Warbler1singing ditch just to Noth along Tongues LaneSD37534788
Reed Bunting2singing ditch just to Noth along Tongues LaneSD37524791
PreesallLesser Whitethroat2one singing Lindel Lane, one singing Cart GatePaul Ellis
Preston DockCommon Sandpiper3On North wall of small basin.martin jump.
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3rd July

Preston DockCommon Ternc 37 active nests/broods. 15 chicks on wave breaker no. 15Paul Ellis / Paul Slade
Great Crested Grebe4one on nest, 2nd pair displaying
Coot9one on nest
Moorhen5one on nest
Oystercatcher2on wave breaker
Black-​headed Gull18
Herring Gull17
Lesser Black-​backed Gull7
Skippool CreekCommon Sandpiper22Paul Ellis
Greenshank1adult summer
Golden Plover7
Black-​tailed Godwit4
Little Egret21
Grey Heron4
Black-​headed Gull220inc. a leucistic adult with white primaries
Stock Dove2
Herons' Reach Golf CourseJay1Low over green east of zoo car parkTS
Great Spotted Woodpecker1Over NW end
Oystercatcher32 ads + juvGreen 1
Swallow5Over central area
Swift1Over NW corner
Tufted Duck32mWest side pool
Little Grebe31 juv2 pools. 2 ads, juv
Marton MereSand Martin3Over east end, brieflyTS
Swallow7Over north scrubs
Buzzard21 over Gipsy Hole Wood, 1 over the Nook
Kestrel1mOver east fields
Sparrowhawk1mOver east fields
Great Black-​backed Gull1ad
Linnet2East end
Shoveler2m, f
Tufted Duck2m, f
Skippool CreekCommon Sandpiper28
Anchorsholme ParkRaven2south
Mossom FieldBlackcap2SingingDJM
Meadow Brown12
PrestonPeregrine1JuvSat on Tulketh mill calling then flew off.Stu Milne

2nd July

Pilling LaneLesser Whitethroat1singing SeafieldPaul Ellis / Kinta Beaver
Marton MereLittle Egret1Spillway NJL
Mute Swan63ad/3cyg
Grey Heron1
Reed Warbler1Causeway
Reed Bunting32mCauseway
Sedge Warbler2+Causeway -​ singing
Chiffchaff3NE scrub
Willow Warbler1NE scrub
Little Owl1Small barn
Blackcap1mNE scrub
Meadow Brown3
Speckled Wood2
Small White2
Red Admiral3
Brown Hawker2
Emperor dragonfly1
Common Blue Damselfly6+
Poulton-le-FyldeSwift3Old Field CarrBarry Dyson
Swallow4Old Field Carr
Chiffchaff1Old Field Carr.
Whitethroat1Old Field Carr, churring
Lesser Whitethroat1Old Field carr, singing
Linnet2m&fOld field carr
Greenfinch1Old field carr
Painted Lady1Old field carr
Comma1Old field carr
Meadow Brown8Old field carr
Brown Hawker1Old field carr
Winmarleigh MossSwift60C&F Mairs
Black-​headed Gull2
Carrion Crow2
Blue Tit1
Great Tit1
Meadow Pipit4
Reed Bunting8
Yellowhammer2Between Garstang Rd and Moss
Tree Sparrow1Poplar Farm
Winmarleigh MossWoodpigeon5C&F Mairs
Winmarleigh MossWoodpigeon5C&F Mairs
Lancaster Canal Glasson BranchKingfisher1
Reed Warbler1m
Conder GreenGreenshank2
Marton MereLittle Owl1Small barn roofTS
Buzzard1Over Mythop fields
Linnet3East end
Goldfinch5West end
Great Spotted Woodpecker1Over west end of mere
Great Black-​backed Gull1adIsland pool
Oystercatcher1Over NW
Shoveler2m, f
Tufted Duck2m, f
Mute Swan156 ads3 (from 3) young, 2 (from 3) young, now only 4 (from 6) young
Herons' Reach Golf CourseLittle Grebe32 ads 2 pools. Ad + 1 young, adTS
Tufted Duck2m, fWest side pool
Oystercatcher2adsCentral green
Kestrel1mCentral area
Great Spotted Woodpecker1Central area
Cetti's Warbler1Singing, SW pit
Willow Warbler1West side pool bushes
Swallow4Over green 1
NorbreckRaven1West over gardenDJM
Bank EndSwift2AC
Pied Wagtail7
Bodie HillSwift15Feeding over the marshAC

1st July

Marton MereSkylark2Over SE fieldTS
Linnet2East end
Tree Sparrow1Mere View
Willow Warbler1Singing, NE scrub
Sedge Warbler2Singing, embankment
Swallow6Over east fields
House Martin6Over east fields
Buzzard2Over Gipsy Hole Wood
Kestrel1mOver east fields
Oystercatcher32 island pool, 1 over east fields
Great Black-​backed Gull1ad
Shoveler2m, f
Tufted Duck43m
Grey Heron42 ads, 2 juvsIsland pool
Cockerham Moss EdgeSparrowhawk1Paul Ellis
Herons' Reach Golf CourseLittle Grebe4ad + 3 youngNew brood, west side poolTS
Oystercatcher32 ads + juvGreen 18
Great Spotted Woodpecker2juv, femJuv -​ waste compound & fem -​ west side of crossing path
Robin3juvs2 west of The Nook, 1 waste compound
Stock Dove2Green 1
Swallow7Over green 1
Cetti's Warbler1Singing, pool east of practice field
Pilling Lane EndsBlackcap1singingPaul Ellis
Chiffchaff2singing Lodge Lane
Little Grebe1east pool
Tufted Duck1femaleeast pool
Reed Warbler3singing east pool
Moorhen3juvenilessmall juvs east pool
Sand VillaLittle Grebe5ad, 4 juvson poolPaul Ellis
Reed Warbler4singing pool
Reed Bunting2one singing pool, one singing arable field
Tufted Duck1male
Little Egret2
House Martin4feeding young in nest
House Sparrow4one carrying food
Oystercatcher65 adults, one juv1+ large chick in arable field
Cockerham MarshWheatear1juvenileon sea wallPaul Ellis
Reed Bunting1singing saltmarsh
Oystercatcher8Agitated behaviour, three standing on fence posts on marsh suggesting with chciks
Skylark12singing over saltmarsh and sea wall
AnchorsholmeLittle Egret3On beachDJM
Pied Wagtail1juvIn park
LeaGreat Spotted Woodpecker1mLea Road garden feedersC&F Mairs
Bullfinch21m 1f
Greenfinch62m 2f 2juv
Blue Tit31juv
Great Tit31m 2juv
Collared Dove1

Posts about Sightings written by bittern2022, John Wilson, Richard Morgan, wryneck100, andrewclewis32, and chrisfb555

Thinking last night – i’m a birdwatcher before a proud Picture snapper, yes i have an image of the Red Grouse but first i must say – seeing the Red Grouse through eyescopes at least three times of Neck, head, Face and red above the eyes and one of full body, face and two red spots scores A plus.. It wasn’t particularly “birdy” but we also saw Wheatear, Raven, Buzzard, Swallow, House Martin, Wren, Willow Warbler, Chiffchaff, Meadow Pipit, Linnet and Stonechat.. Sadly we didn’t see any Whinchats on this trip.. Large flocks of Linnets, 600-800 ( possibly many more) feeding in stubble of recently harvested oil seed rape just off the Porthcawl Road, Tythegston.. Amongst them were Greenfinch, Goldfinch and Chaffinch but in much lower numbers.. It’s NNR status is mainly for plants but it can be a good location for birds.. At the initial meet point back towards Llwyn-on we had nice views of displaying male Siskins.. A number of Redstarts, both adult and juv were seen as we walked the trail, Blackcaps were singing as were Chiffchaffs.. At the top of the reserve we had a number of adult & juv Stonechats.. Pwll y Waun lake and its environs is proving a very popular feeding spot for both Swallow and Swift, several of each daily feed on the insects abounding here.. 2 Goldcrest (h), a few Wrens,Robins , Dunnock seen and heard, 1 Carrion Crow , 1 Jay (h), 2 pairs Coots nesting, 2 Moorhen , 1 Heron ,1 Kingfisher , 20 plus House Martins , a few Swallows , family group of at least 5 noisy Treecreeper practicing their creeping up and flying downs, a few Woodpigeons , 1 Stock Dove , a few Mallard , a few Blackcap (h)1 Chiffchaff (h) 3 Song Thrushes singing and two or three more seen, 2 Blackbirds , 1 Herring Gull .. I know this is a birdwatching site but any lepidopterists out there who could help me with this species.. At least one juvenile bird, being fed by an adult, though all flying well.. Many linnet (30+) in gorse near car park.

Little Grebe, 2

Foulridge Reservoir UpperSlipper Hill Reservoir Barrowford PondBarrowford Reservoir 6 on wires, min 10 over canal. Whitemoor Reservoir Alston Reservoirs Adults carrying food on no.2 reservoir north shore. Parsonage ReservoirShedden Clough Alston Reservoirs Flew low east over east bank of no.2 reservoir. Foulridge Reservoir LowerFoulridge Reservoir UpperRishton Reservoir Cant Clough ReservoirClowbridge ReservoirDean CloughLongridge Tight, very vocal flock over the Little Lane colony.. Burnley College, Link CentreFoulridge Reservoir LowerFoulridge Reservoir UpperReedley Meadow Close gardens - vocal in area.. Colne, Greenfield Nature ReserveFoulridge Reservoir LowerFoulridge Reservoir UpperGrimsargh Wetland feeding near small island and a high total for this site.. Swinden Reservoir Alston Reservoirs Moulting flock still building on no.2 reservoir

The Safari has been out n about on the look out for more species for our Photo Year List Challenge and we've not done too badly. So far we...

So far we've had little luck along Chat Alley and out to sea where we walk Monty most mornings, there's always a couple of Pied Wagtails and a few Meadow Pipits kicking about but in the dull conditions and mostly seeing the Pied Wagtails on the pats or sat on the fence we've not been bothered to try to photograph them, not had the camera with us most days due to the dreary grey conditions.. The new challenge rules about no birds on feeders, wires, TV aerials etc meant Collared Doves might prove a bit tricky but before too long we found one snoozing in a tree.. We failed to get a pic of the Peregrine doing its mobbing and it soon lost interest once the Buzzard had landed and we can't add the Buzzard pic to our challenge list as the species are supposed to be identifiable not just a few blurry pixels.. We hoped it would come out and give us a fly around but by the time it was far to dark for pics and time to get back to Base Camp it hadn't.. The following day we were back at Marton Mere a little earlier this time and the weather wasn't quite so gloomy.. By the time we got round to the Fylde Bird Club hide two swans were in the fields we'd just past but zooming in on them showed them to be two Mute Swans not the Whooper Swans doubling back and landing.. We left the hide and wandered round that way in the hope of getting closer pics, the car was parked over there too, but before we got there the owl had done a bunk over the golf course and was nowhere to be seen by the time we reached the embankment again.. A bit disappointing as it was still reasonably light, light enough for us to get a 'different' shot of the Collared Doves at the cottage, could have done with the blue skies of the previous Collared Dove pic but hey-ho at least it's not 'just a sitting still pic' this time.. Chaffinch becomes number 55 on our challenge list - can't believe Barn Owl beat it on to the list!. The seawall is man-made and man made things aren't allowed in the challenge, see above no wires, feeders, TV aerials etc etc so we can't count it.. This bird only ever seems to be found on this part of the seawall and getting a flight shot of it flying over the beach would be nigh on impossible as it just hops off its roosting place on top of the wall as soon as the tide uncovers its feeding areas at the base of the wall so do we put it in our challenge album and ask for an adjucication - can you tell the substrate/background is man-made and if not does that make it 'allowable'???. With the tide being full at lunchtine and a decent day in prospect we'd arranged to pick up CR, GB and JH and have an hour or so down on the marshes at Warton looking for the Hen Harriers that have been seen regularly and look for anything else that might be flushed off the marsh on the rising tide., particularly any Water Pipits , Jack Snipe or Water Rails .. Visibility when we parked up was no more than 50 - 75 yards and didn't get any better for the hour or more that we were there, in fact it got worse from time to time.

The Safari was able to get an unexpected sneaky visit to Marton Mere yesterday morning.There were a few birds about the first notable one ...

A few Skylarks were going over calling but unseen the continued on and off all morning, no idea how many were involved all together.. They'd come from over the mere so hadn't been parked up in the Alders behind the Feeding Station.. Moving further down the bank we didn't see much on interest until we came upon a smashed up mushroom.. No more than a couple of yards away were two Shaggy Inkcaps which must have popped up after Mr/s Destruction had gone otherwise they'd no doubt be smashed up too despite being edible - and good...although we weren't going to take a bite out of these as they were very much in a dog zone!. We're not sure what it might have been produced by, Little Owl, Blackbird (bit big for one of those?). Probably shoulda called the latter.. And with the sun shining we decided on taking Monty for another spin round Marton Mere.. The walk started as yesterday with a/the Cetti's Warbler at the wetlands.. We opted to give Monty a bit more of a run before putting him on his lead so went round the outside of the reserve along the bridlepath, here a patch of sunshine had warmed the place up enough for a Common Darter to fly past and alight on the fence to do a bit of basking and catch a few rays.. We hoped that when it got up again it would come our way and we'd get some spectacular views of it wafting over the reedbed in front of us - no such luck it went down the far end again and then set off high to the north east and away.. No other species were in the flock and nine is at least six more than we've ever seen on site before!. It was quieter back at Base Camp after lunch but thee were still a few Jackdaws on the move.

The Safari was able to get down to the pier to watch the Starlings last Sunday. When we arrived the tide was already touching the end of ...

The Safari was able to get down to the pier to watch the Starlings last Sunday.. As it got darker a couple more large flocks arrived but went straight under the desk to sleep.. Apart from Little Egrets there hasn't been much to see close up down there.. Most obvious was the Great White Egret fishing in the near corner of the pool.. Looking more closely in that direction we saw that it was with a small flotilla of Goosanders , four females and two males.. And then we got the three Gs together, Great White Egret, Greenshank and Goosander , unfortunately we couldn't get a shot of all three together when the Goosander had its head out of the water.. Always a little too distant as it skipped from post to post occasionally, never really coming in to effective range in the poor light but great so see all the same.. It did a bit of diving but we didn't see it bring any fish back to its perch.. That's not something we've ever noticed before but a good look through the bins confirmed it, the males did indeed have a much larger hook, perhaps as much as half as big again.. We'll look out for that again next time we come across a mixed flock of Goosanders .. News was that the two nearest pools were frozen and there was little to be seen there but returnees were reporting occasional sightings of Bearded Tits on the new grit trays down that way so we decided to give it a go.. Nuthatches are either a bit tougher or a bit quicker than Dunnocks or maybe both as this one didn't have any Robin problems when it came for a refill or three.. These Chaffinch pics were more of an experiment than anything else.. Experiment over we had another look at the marsh pools where one small flock of Wigeon had been flushed off the marsh on to the back of the pool by a male Marsh Harrier , our third of the day after passing the second a few minutes earlier on the drive from the reserve to the pools.We've had a good look and there's no American Wigeon in the pic. The Kingfisher was still around and did come a little nearer but in the gloom we just had a good look at it through the bins and didn't point the camera at it again.

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The Safari has been out n about enjoying the autumn colours, the hot summer is probably responsible for the vivid show everyone (hopefully...

Mostly trying to dodge rain showers and totally failing to get any pics of the quite numerous but extraordinarily flighty Redwings , couldn't find any owls of any description either, although to be fair there's still quite a lot of leafery on the trees making spotting anything in the scrub nigh on impossible.. There are quite a few Water Rails on site at the mo and quite often they scurry between the islands of reeds in front of the Fylde Bird Club Hide, they don't hang around and rarely give any indication they're going to break cover so as soon as you spot one it's press that shutter button time and hope for the best before they reach the dense cover on the other side of the gap!. The scrub didn't give us any photo opportunities either so we decided to go 'round the back' on the Heron's Reach path to see if we could see any winter thrushes - we didn't and still haven't seen any Fieldfares round these parts but reports of them in oour area are now beginning to filter through to us so there are some around now.. We haven't been on a 'proper' twitch for yonks preferring these days to drive no more than an hour to a site to do some birding and other wildlife spotting.. We followed a car in to the booth area and it went straight through but when we pulled up we saw there was nowhere to put our cash - we'd followed a car going through a pre-paid or contactless line - dohh they didn't have those last time we came this way so we ended up having to reverse out upsetting the line of vehicles behind us - thankfully not that many!. But our calamities didn't end there, once through the booth and out on the open road we hit the gas to make up for lost time only to realise we'd passed two speed cameras at at least 10 mph over their limits - sincerely hope they weren't armed and dangerous!!. The bird itself wasn't hard to find either, it was sat up on the seawall just six feet in front of the throng.. Unfortunately as GB had to back home for an appointment we couldn't stay too long or visit any other local sites, it really was a 'Tick n Run' twitch.. The threatened rain never showed up but the sky didn't really clear either so we although we thoroughly enjoyed the autumn spectacle we didn't see the colours quite at their most vivid.

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