Flirting In Italian: Top Words And Phrases You Need To Know (2022)

Ciao bella! (hello beautiful!)

You might have heard this phrase at least once in your life. All over the world Italian has always been known as a very romantic and seductive language. Its sweet tones have often created the perfect atmosphere to inspire love and romance. Starting from Shakespeare who chose the Italian town of Verona as the location for the most famous love story on earth – Romeo and Juliet and the beautiful Audrey Hepburn who fell in love with a charming Italian man in the movie “Roman holiday”. Even the great singer Madonna once wore a very explicit T-shirt stating that “Italians do it better”


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Yes, Italians have always been synonymous with elegance, style, and seduction, practically any word spoken in Italian makes you think about romance and can possibly make anyone fall in love…

If you are single and ever have the chance to visit Italy and its marvelous sites, you might as well learn how to flirt in Italian. Plus pick up some tips to interact with a potential partner and live the sweetest holiday romance! Remember that usually, all words ending in “a” refers to feminine and words ending in “o” refers to masculine. So, are you ready to get flirtatious?

Here are 23 phrases you can use to flirt in Italian

1. Ciao, sei qui in vacanza? Il mio oroscopo ci ha indovinato…diceva che ti avrei incontrato oggi
Meaning: Hello, are you here on holiday? My horoscope just came true…it said I would meet you today

Italians usually have a great eye to spot tourists on holiday, especially for young adults it is pretty easy to start a conversation when they see someone they might be interested in. And you can surely use this same phrase, just imagine yourself while relaxing on a beautiful sandy beach in Sardinia or eating the most delicious gelato (ice-cream) in the ancient Piazza del Campo in Siena. This would be perfect to start a conversation.

2. Appena sei entrata (f) ho iniziato a credere nell’amore a prima vista!
Meaning: As soon as you entered the room I started believing in love at first sight!

This phrase could be easily used to break the ice and start an informal conversationwith someone you just met. And do not forget to smile, it will make it so much easier!

3. Come ti chiami? – Veramente? è il mio nome preferito!
Meaning: What’s your name? – is it really? it’s my favorite name!

When somebody asks for your name, whichever your answer will be, it is possiblethey would want to impress you by saying that it is their favorite name. And youneed to believe them, as it is part of the sweetest seduction game.

4. Sei davvero carina (f) / Sei davvero carino (m). Non posso credere che sei single!
Meaning: You are really nice. I cannot believe you are single!

If you are interested in a possible romance you should always pay some compliments, and you might as well find out if the person is single, to avoid any misunderstanding. Nowadays it could happen that somebody replies that they are not single, but still open to all options.

Flirting In Italian: Top Words And Phrases You Need To Know (9)

5. Prendiamo un caffè insieme?
Meaning: Would you like a coffee?

Italy is probably the most coffee oriented country in the world, Italians love their coffee at any time during the day and they take it in such a variety of styles that you could get lost trying to figure all them out! This phrase can be used both by men and women, as it is easy going and can be used at any time, even when you have known somebody for a few minutes, like while queuing to get on a bus or while doing some shopping.

Possibly younger adults would be even easier going and just ask to go for a beer: Ci beviamo una birra insieme?

Flirting In Italian: Top Words And Phrases You Need To Know (10)

6. Potremmo rimanere seduti al tavolo finché non ci innamoriamo
Meaning: We could sit at the table until we fall in love

Just imagine being together at a typical trattoria (a small Italian restaurant usually less formal than a ristorante) while eating a delicious plate of pasta and slowly drinking your Sangiovese red wine; just lounging your time away and getting to know each other. The perfect setting for a romantic moment.

7. Buonasera, posso offrirti qualcosa da bere?
Meaning: Good evening, can I get you a drink?

One of the perfect situations to meet people is definitely on a night out dancing or while drinking at a bar with your friends. This phrase would usually be used more by a man, even though Italians are very modern today, they still like to follow a traditional etiquette where the man behaves like a gentleman and the woman is the lady waiting to be courted.

8. Andiamo sulla spiaggia, voglio perdermi nei tuoi bellissimi occhi fino all’alba!
Meaning: Let’s go down to the beach, I want to get lost in your beautiful eyes until sunrise!

After the first catchphrase, an Italian flirting strategy would usually proceed with a ton of compliments and sweet words accompanied by slow movements like holding your hand, caressing your face, blinking, winking, smiling, and looking in your eyes. Remember that Italians are generally very physical and they might hug and kiss you on the cheek even if you have just met.

Flirting In Italian: Top Words And Phrases You Need To Know (11)9. Adoro il tuo sorriso, mi fa battere il cuore…
Meaning: I love your smile, it makes my heartbeat…

Compliments will usually continue to include many parts of your body, not always with spoken words, but also with some delicate romantic glances.

10. Mi piace molto il tuo vestito.
Meaning: I really like your dress

Following the appreciation of your physical details, compliments might then swift to your outfit and general appearance.

11. Il tuo post su Instagram mi è piaciuto!
Meaning: I liked your post on Instagram!

After a while you might have exchanged phone numbers and details of your social accounts, therefore compliments might regard posts or pictures you have been posting and these contact details might also be used to ask for future appointments.

12. Sei libera stasera (f) / Sei libero stasera? (m) Mi piacerebbe tanto vederti!
Meaning: Are you free tonight? I would really love to see you!

Once the first few phrases and contact details have been exchanged, you might be asked out for a date, getting to know each other better over a nice dinner or just a drink at a bar.

Flirting In Italian: Top Words And Phrases You Need To Know (12)

13. Che ne dici di mangiare una pizza insieme?
Meaning: What about going for a pizza?

Everybody usually loves pizza, it is the easiest food to eat, totally informal and perfect to break the ice and get to know a new friend better. The more you spend time with your new friend, the more you might start to like them, and it may be the right time to express your real feelings.

14. Mi piaci molto, non pensavo che avrei mai incontrato qualcuno di speciale come te!
Meaning: I really like you, I could never imagine I would meet someone so special!

The more you spend time with your new friend, the more you might start to like them, and it may be the right time to express your real feelings.

15. Sei bellissima! (f) / Sei bellissimo! (m)
Meaning: You are so beautiful!

Another simple but very sweet way to pay a compliment to the person you like.

16. Abbracciami or Vorrei abbracciarti per tutta la notte!
Meaning: Hug me or I would like to hug you all night long!

It may get to the point when you would appreciate a more physical touch and there is no reason why you should not ask for a hug.

Flirting In Italian: Top Words And Phrases You Need To Know (13)

17. Hai delle labbra così deliziose… Baciami! or Vorrei tanto baciarti!
Meaning: Your lips are so delicious… Kiss me! or I would really like to kiss you

Once the atmosphere becomes more romantic, it will be the right time to ask for your first kiss and maybe continue sharing many more.

18. Mi sono innamorata di te (f) / Mi sono innamorato di te (m)
Meaning: I fell in love with you

After some time, you might realize your feelings towards them are romantic and you may want to let them know that you fell in love.

19. Amore mio! Ti amo!
Meaning: My love! I love you!

These very sweet words are often exchanged amongst lovers, and probably the most common way to express love!

Flirting In Italian: Top Words And Phrases You Need To Know (14)

20. Mi manchi tantissimo!
Meaning: I miss you so much!

When the holiday comes to an end, or you have to spend some time apart, this will be one of those moments to say how much you miss each other

21. Non vedo l’ora di rivederti!
Meaning: I cannot wait to see you!

And again, when you long for someone and you only want to spend time together, it can be really sweet to let them know that you cannot wait to see them.

22. Vuoi essere la mia ragazza? (f) / Vuoi essere il mio ragazzo? (m)
Meaning: Will you be my girlfriend/boyfriend?

A nice little phrase to make sure you are both on the same page.

23. Hai riempito la mia vita di splendide emozioni… Vuoi sposarmi?
Meaning: You filled my life with wonderful emotions… Will you marry me?

Who knows a holiday romance might as well end up in something deeper and everlasting. You may find your soul mate and end up with a beautiful proposal. Italians are usually extremely traditional when it comes to marriage, some may still want to meet the girl’s father to ask for her hand. In modern times, everything is more direct, usually, the man proposes to the woman, but it can still happen the other way round! Italian women are much more independent nowadays.


Just like anywhere else in the world, the basic rule for flirting is always to be sweet and nice, respectful, and clearly very romantic. Italian men usually want to feel in charge and the women usually love to be courted and feel special.

Finding yourself in a beautiful Italian location will make flirting in Italian even smoother, especially when you encounter a new Italian friend who will most probably charm you in a typical Italian style.

Enjoy the moment and take this occasion to follow our online Italian course to widen your vocabulary and explore one of the most romantic languages in the world.

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