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Lake Erie walleye fishing reports western basin Port Clinton, Toledo, Maumee Bay, Oak Harbor, Marblehead, Sandusky, Huron Ohio

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October 4 Lake Erie walleye fishing casting spinners

Oct 4 2021
Walleye trolling off Huron and Sandusky dumping grounds. Drift fishing casting on the shallows Kelly’s Island Shoal, Gull , Mouse Island Reef, American Eagle as well as the western basin reef complex. 6 to 12 feet of water.
Perch fishing has perked up good as the water temperature has cooled. Good size and numbers ( limits ).
Western basin reef complex A Can Crane Creek Toledo Light and Intake 16 to 24 feet of water.

Sept and Oct Bass fishing

Sept 18 Fishing Report
Fall Walleye and Perch fishing on Lake Erie western basin

will continue to improve as the water cools.
Oct is the month for the water temperature to finally start cooling. The western basin is a month behind giving the recent 3 week heat wave. Walleye and Perch catches in Sept. have been slow.
{ Temperatures are finally predicted to cool later this week.}

Lake Erie walleye fishing

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Sept 6, 2021 Lake Erie Walleye, Bass and Perch fishing Report
Lake Erie’s Western Basin – Port Clinton
Walleye Fishing Good Casting Weapons.
Drift fishing ( casting spinners ) picked up today.
The water will start cooling this week and the days are getting shorter. Casting shallow hard bottom walleye drift fishing will be prime soon.
Weekdays are better fishing on the shallows less boat traffic.

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Walleye fishing on Lake Erie

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Lake Erie Fishing report July 11
Lake-Erie-Fishing charters Drift fish or Troll
Walleye catching continues on Lake Erie’s Western Basin.
Drift fishing ( casting spinners ) and trolling.
Toledo Intake, Crane Creek, A Can, Michigan border, Western basin near shore reef complex, B, C, F Cans, Mouse Island Reef, American Eagle, Lucy’s Point, Clinton Reef
Small mouth Bass season opened June 26 we promote Catch and release bass fishing we are turning good numbers and size bass.
Perch fishing starting in Late July – August and Sept.

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Great Walleye fishing on Lake Erie

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August 21 2016

Yellow Perch fishing remains excellent on Lake Erie’s Western Basin Up and Down action two at a time ! Limits of 210 perch for 6 people and the captains are coming in fast. Everyone is catching limits its the new normal Perch fishing this year in Port Clinton. Charter boats and pleasure boats, everyone is in on the action. The Western Basin of Lake Erie is loaded with nice size Yellow Perch the best and most consistent catching we have seen in 15 years !! Limit catches are being taken near the Toledo Intake , A Can, B Can, C Can, D Can, E Can, Niagara, Kidney, The Finger, Doo Dahs, Green and Rattlesnake ! ! Until the lake temperature starts dropping to fire the walleye up – Go catch your limit of Lake Erie yellow perch you will be glad you did when you mount these tasty excellent eating fish between two pieces of bread !

Finish your day off by catching somewalleye to top of the cooler loaded with yellow perch and finish out your day.


Walleye remains slow although there are plenty of them are now sized up to legal size 15 to 17 inches. Where are they ? The question remains did they travel east to deeper waters? If so how far east or are they laying dormant on the bottom in the western basin flats ? Just east of Kelly’s Island and Pelee, Huron, Lorain ? That’swhere we expect how ever with the watertemperaturegetting to eightydegrees it isanyone’sguess. There should be some good rock fishing for walleye as soon as the watertemperaturestartsdropping. There is not that many boats fishing for them right now. One the watertemperatureand also because the perch fishing is so good and traditionally it is perch season. We will start focusingmore on walleye starting in September. I expect conditions to be favorable for walleye about mid September. As with fishing hindsight is twenty twenty. We shall see as the fall progresses.

Smallmouth Bass

East side of Pelee Island has been the best but I suspect that is about to change. Bass as with walleye will fire up as the fall progresses and more so is that we have finally got a algae bloomsufficientenough to bring smallmouth bass action. As a captain I have to have confidence that I can produce bass and that has not been the case all summer on the western basin. We have been holding U.S. Bass trips off because the water has been to clear. That also now has changed. I will report more later.

April 13 2014 Wild Wings Marina, Port Clinton, OH

Walleye fishing has been excellent Friday, Sat and Sunday morning. Limit catches of walleye are being taken in front of Crane Creek, Turtle Creek, K Can, H Can, Turtle, Cone, Toussaint, Crib, Locust Point Reefs. 3/4 ounce jigs bare back or tipped with minnows or crawlers. Chartreuse/purple, John Deer Green, Green with a white head- with a stinger hook. Angle is everything as well as presentation. Some times it is a Fast Drop others a Slow Tight Line Fall- High Lift- Low Lift. Angle goes from vertical to regular to long. Best depths have been shallow early 10 to 12 feet and move deeper as the sun rises and the boats collect. Stay a fair distance away from other boats- you will do your self a favor and I am sure your neighbor will appreciate the space also.

April 11 2014

(Video) Lake Erie Walleye Fishing Reports!!!

Walleye have moved in on the reefs and are spawning. Toussaint, Crib, Locust Point, Turtle, K Can and H Can produced walleye today. Limits were the norm. Older males 3 to 5 lbs. made up the bulk of the catches. Jigs tipped with minnows worked slow . Purple / chartreuse 3/4 ounce or any dark color. 12 to 16 ft of water was the best

April 9 2014 Lake Erie walleye fishing is heating up.

Walleye fishing is getting underway on Lake Erie’s western basin. Walleye are starting to move shoreward of the out side reefs. Walleye are being taken on the out side shelf break A can- L can- Cone- Niagara and D can. The first ones are showing up on and near the near shore reefs. H can- Toussaint, Crib, Locust Point as well as K can and Turtle. The water is a bit muddy however with the forecast for warm south winds the next few days I expect the fishing to heat up very soon. The rivers have been in flood and it is a obstacle coarse out there so be careful.

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Above pictures April 9 2014

March 9 2014

Ice fishing for walleye on the western basin of Lake Erie produces limit catches for Capt. Jake and Luke C. Four and 1/2 miles off shore of the Moose in Port Clinton puts you in the area near D can. 22- 24 feet of water. Ice reported to be around 14 inches. Always use extreme caution when ice fishing as the condition of the ice is constantly changing.

Lake Erie western basin near D can March 9 2014 Limit catch of walleye Big Headed Gators too !

March 7 2014

2013 Fishing Reports
March 20 2013

The annual spawning run on Lake Erie and in the Sandusky and Maumee Rivers is on hold due to cold weather. The Sandusky River enjoyed a few good days of early spring walleye fishing last week as the weather was a bit more stable. Reports were coming in from Anglers Supply in Fremont Ohio. Bernie Whitt reported a good run of walleye under way and fishing between the bridges down town was producing female and male walleye.
With the recent cold snap the walleye have retreated to deeper waters eagerly awaiting a few days of stable warm weather then the annual spawning run will be on!
It is shaping up as a average spring this year. Last year fishing started early by mid March walleye were being caught in the shallows in Lake Erie inside of K can – the near shore reefs inside the near shore reefs and the river run was well under way. This year it’s back to normal. Lake Erie produced some walleye near the Moose in Port Clinton last week. That was before all the wind and cold arrived. Muddy lake conditions and cold weather has the spawn on hold for a few days. A warm rain will ensure a heavy run up the rivers as long as they get it in the next several weeks.
The walleye will spawn regardless of the rain just more will go up the rivers if conditions are right. To my understanding only a small percentage of the lakes walleye actually spawn in the rivers the majority spawn in the reefs in Lake Erie in the Western Basin. The lakes early spring fishing for walleye will start in the deep waters where the fish should be staged now near the out side shelf breaks 24 to 30 feet of water and as the weather cooperates they will make their annual assault on the shallows. That’s when the jig fishing on Lake Erie Fires UP !
This is the only time of year that the walleye come to us!
Wariness goes out the door when the spawning urge kicks in!
Spring jig fishing you can’t beat it and the fever is brewing! You can turn a hundred walleye in the 3 to 5 lb.range in a couple hours and with some luck put some 10 to 12 lb trophy females in the mix! Yeah Baby – Cowabunga Bonzi !
Walleye are a beautiful fish and after a long winter a fresh catch will look even better in breading.

March 16 2013
Walleye are running in the Sandusky River
Anglers Supply owner Bernie Whitt says the Sandusky river is loaded with walleye. River conditions are a little high and fishable. Lots of anglers are dusting off their rods and reels seeking the trophy walleye as they run up the rivers to spawn. Be sure to stop by Anglers Supply and get the hot set ups for Sandusky River jig fishing.
Lake Erie has a few boats in hoping for a early start how ever it looks like mother nature has this springs jig fishing for walleye back to normal. I look for the reef fishing in the western basin to get started soon. The western basin needs light winds and some warm weather. Start fishing the deep ledges on the out side reefs. Walleye always show up and hold in the 30 feet of water from A can to Niagara Reef. The out side reef ledges and reefs will start first and the walleye will move to the on shore reefs with some stable warm weather.
We will start running charters out of Wild Wings Marina April 1 2013. Check back often as soon as the walleye fishing starts producing good catches you will see it posted here.

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June 1- 2012
Lake Erie Fishing Report Ohio and Canadian waters

Their are a lot of walleye around this year – not a over abundance but healthy numbers. Given descent fishing conditions respectable box’s to limit catches has been our normal for us and also for the skippers that we work with on the lake. The spread of the schools and the year classes of the fish are where they should be. Larger walleye are being taken near West Reef, Kelly’s Shoal, Gull, Hen and Chicks, Chickenollie, King George, and the Wheel. On our end of the lake west of the Islands their are a good number of walleye in the flats from West Sister to Middle Sister – the Gravel Pits and the near shore reefs for those who know how and when to rock pick. The walleye in the flats – Ohio waters – and to the east in Canadian waters and Ohio waters are mainly 3 and 4 year olds. Most of the big heads are east of the Islands and in Canadian waters. The younger fish which is our bread and butter in the western basin are showing up in good numbers and they to are where they should be. Near the Cans A to D can especially near the out side shelf breaks of the near shore reefs and with in a mile or two of the outside shelf breaks – 26 to 30 feet of water.

It’s just nice to see normal patterns and seasonal migration patters for a change.
Especially after the unusually warm winter.
It’s the size of the schools of walleye that tell me we have a good number of fish. It is not just a small isolated area that is producing for a few veteran anglers. The areas where the older fish should be they are and the younger ones also. A lot of the younger two year old’s are measuring 15 inches now- they are growing early – usually Lake Erie walleye put on a growth spurt in August. So there is plenty of forage out there.
Last we had a good hatch last year which gives us a good number of one year old’s coming up behind a fair number of two and three year old’s. Lake Erie has a healthy number of catch able walleye for this summer and fall as well as the next several years to come. I expect a good June July summer bite as well as a good fall bite judging the weather patterns – water temperatures and numbers of catch able walleye.
Drift fishing the flats yesterday bottom bouncers 2 to 4 cranks up and working the swing with a 3/4 on a 8 to ten count worked for us.
The annual May fly hatch has started. May fly hatches start in the near shore waters and work there way out from there. My normal strategy is fish the off shore waters while the main hatch is occurring in the near shore waters and vise versa. Some times it is better to fish areas holding fewer fish that are hungry.

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May 6, 2012 Lake Erie – Port Clinton, Oh – Fishing Report – Walleye
Fishing the last several days has been spotty.
Catches have been all over the board the last several days any where from lousy 2 or 3 fish totals to mediocre catches with 10 to 20 fish and very nice boxes with limit catches. There have been trophy walleye caught around A – B and C cans drift fishing with spinners, bottom bouncers, jigs and trolling. Friday morning jig fishing was on near A can and coolers were loaded with very nice catches. Friday afternoon we fished hard to end up with only a few. Saturday morning with dominant east winds prevailing the fishing was off again. All of us captains were left scratching our heads with where do we go try next. Saturday afternoon the east winds picked up in intensity and turned the walleye on – fishing was great. We jig fished off Turtle reef in the afternoon and caught a nice boat limit of 3 to 5 lb males. The area between K can and Round Reef also has been very good again at times. Drives me nuts this time of year with what method do we try first and where. Reading the catching areas and patterns as I see it. There are plenty of walleye in the 14 to 24 feet of water any where from Crane Creek to Turtle Reef to in front of the Moose in Port Clinton. The fish have their heads glued to the bottom in these areas especially when the water gets to clear. Until the water warms up to around 60 degrees fishing will most likely remain spotty. I ran to the gravel pits Saturday morning to look at a blank screen. There are plenty of walleye in the area they just are very tight on the bottom and you can not mark them. With the spotty fishing comes the skill factor of the crew. Experienced fisherman will eke out a nice box while the in experienced will take a few. This will most likely be the pattern for the next couple weeks until the water temperature rises to around 60 degrees off Cleveland. The prime water temperature for the western basin spinner fishing is from 60 degrees to 75 degrees off Cleveland. We need about one week of warm weather to get the walleye off the bottom and more aggressive.

May 3 2012
We are changing over to spinners – walleye are being taken with jigs also however the jig bite is all but over. Nice catches were taken around A can B can and D can using spinners. We seen several trophies in the 30 inch range.
Video link of May 2 jig fishing

Lake Erie fishing report April 30 2012
Starting in March the water temperature was way ahead of where it should have been. Jig fishing for walleye was on from the middle of March to date. This has been a very good jig fishing season, no major blows or flooded rivers pumping muddy water in. I would have to say the best jig fishing season I can remember in my 35 years of running fishing charters on Lake Erie. How ever with the colder weather that arrived around the first of April the water temperature is now right about where it should be for this time of year. We needed that colder weather because water temperature in the western basin determines when the older walleye start migrating to the east. By older walleye 4 year old’s and up 22 to 32 inch gators. Things are back to normal. Jig fishing is nearing the end for walleye as they are all but finished up spawning now. The surface water temperature on my graph showed 51 degrees yesterday. I like to pitch spinners at walleye starting around 55 degrees. We have had some success drift fishing spinners prior to this last cold blast. The jig bite is getting spotty as the main schools of walleye have spawned and are moving out in the deeper waters of Lake Erie. This weekend Friday I took a limit catch jig fishing Saturday I needed one more for a boat limit and Sunday we strangled 12 with jigs. I have been catching older males ranging from 3 to 5 lbs the last several days. Most are not milking any more. The east wind shut the fishing down on Sunday. The walleye buried their heads in the mud and were tough to get a hook on. Jig fishing will hold strong for another week in the Maumee Bay near Toledo Light and Turtle Island as the last of the walleye return from the Maumee river back in Lake Erie. So be prepared to pitch spinners or jigs for the next ten days or so. Don’t forget your night crawlers! Get out the bottom bouncers and tie fresh weapons or if you troll dust off the boards.

April 22 jig fishing remains very good.
View today’s walleye fishing videos.Copy and paste link below in your browser

April 21 2012 Fishing Report Lake Erie
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The jig fishing bite for walleye is nearing the end. The tell tale signs are here that the walleye are finishing up spawning. One the sheep head have swarmed the shallows both shore line waters and reefs. Also the spawning pods of walleye are smaller and harder to locate at sun up and they dissipate a lot quicker. The jig bite will hold another 10 days in the Maumee Bay how ever with each day from here out the jig fishing will steadily fade. Today Capt. Jeff trophy fished using weapons and bottom bouncers. Days tally was respectable with several big headed trophy walleye. I drift fished with jigs working the shallows. We also finished the day with a descant box of walleye how ever Jeff beat me on size. It is the crazy time of year where which way do I go- jigs or spinners! It is time to get the spinners and bottom bouncers out for you drift fisherman.

April 15 2012 fishing report below – today’s video
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Jig fishing remains very good but getting spotty.
Jig fishing near the reefs is getting harder as the walleye are finishing up spawning and the zebra mussels are getting the water to clean. Today the best bites for walleye was near the Darby or H can near the moose in Port Clinton and Maumee Bay in the Maumee Bay The areas that have been producing over loads of walleye dried up for many. In front of Wild Wings Marina -K can and most of the western basin near shore reefs, fishing was spotty at best. We had 11 walleye at 900 am with ten of us fishing on the big boat. All I could find near K can Turtle reef and in front of Crane Creek was one here and there but not enough to get it done. I fired the engine made a ten mile run west from Crane Creek State Park landed on the Pear and left with a boat limit of 3 to 5 lb males in 1 hour. 3/4 ounce jigs with a light short lift did the trick. Best depth was 13 to 14 feet of water. The jig fishing bite typically holds for about 2 weeks longer in the Maumee Bay.

April 13 2012 Lake Erie Fishing Report 4-13
View today’s video – Copy and paste link below in your browser
Jig fishing is still amazing!
We left the dock at 630 am with a crew of eight plus my self and we were limited by 8:30 am. Best depth was 14 feet right at the crack of dawn and we moved deeper as the sun rose finishing off in 17 feet of water. 3/4 ounce jigs black/chartreuse worked the best. The wind was non existent so we cast and hopped the jigs back in. Just enough of a sharp hit on the jig to lift it about 6 inches off the bottom. Males in the 3 to five pound range made up our catch. We fished near Turtle Reef and L can today. The main spawn is about 1/ 2 over so I am guessing two more weeks on the outside for jig fishing. Also the water temperature is right at 50 degrees and we start pitching spinners any time now – definitely before the water reaches 55 degrees. Don’t forget the night crawlers they work well with jigs also.

(Video) Bay's Edge Walleye Fishing in Port Clinton!

Walleye are in mid spawn and fishing remains strong.
Jig fishing out of Wild Wings Marina has been very good Friday and Saturday. All four of our boats took limit catches near K can using purple/chartreuse jigs, 3/4 ounce. The bulk of our walleye were males ranging from 3 to 5 lbs. There is a lot of ways to work a jig. Saturday morning was a vertical slow lift about two feet and a tight line drop back. We struggled for a little bit until we cracked the combination and it was fish on after that. The evening bite was best the last hour before sun down.
Females were being taken trolling from A can to Niagara Reef and centering in the deep waters north of Cone reef. Husky Jerks and Reef Runners slow trolling at about 1 to 1 1/2 mph.
Jig fishing was on on all the reefs and the shore line waters inside the reefs. Best areas was from Crane Creek to Toussaint reef on them or shore ward. Start shallow and work deeper as the sun rises higher in the sky and fishing pressure increases.


What fish are biting in Lake Erie now? ›

Anglers in area streams are pursuing steelhead and lake-run smallmouth bass, walleye fishing around Cleveland has been good and rainbow trout were... Anglers in area streams are pursuing steelhead and lake-run smallmouth bass, walleye fishing around Cleveland has been good and rainbow trout were...

Where are the perch hitting in Lake Erie? ›

One of the most popular spots for perch is off the Peninsula lighthouse in about 40 to 50 feet of water. Almost all perch fishing on Lake Erie is done the same way. Boats are at anchor and still fish. By far the most popular bait for perch is a live minnow.

Where are the walleye hitting in Lake Erie? ›

The best time of year to hook a walleye is May and June along the shallow waters of Lake Erie after the walleye are done spawning. The leading hot spots are Monroe, Sterling State Park, Bolles Harbor and Luna Pier. The best anglers practice a slow troll while using a ThunderStick Junior.

Is Lake Erie stocked with fish? ›

Most anglers visit Erie to catch abundant stocked Rainbow Trout, but residen Largemouth Bass and Yellow Perch can also be caught. This lake is one of only four waters in Skagit County managed with a seasonal fishing closure.

Are walleye hitting on Lake Erie? ›

Anglers looking to hit the water and reel in their catches this season are expected to see why Lake Erie has earned the title of Walleye Capital of the World, with an "exceptional" consistent hatch rate over the past eight years.

Are walleye biting in Lake Erie? ›

The Trenches: The Trenches are productive throughout the season and Walleye are consistently biting. This is also one of the top spots for late fall fishing. These Pennsylvania waters have a lot to offer to fishermen ready to explore Lake Erie's riches.

What month is best for walleye fishing? ›

Walleye fishing season is the best in spring during and after the spawning season. However, summer nights and fall months are just as good for fishing for walleyes.

What is the best time to fish for perch? ›

Because perch live a life of danger, they favor day over night for feeding, and are most active just after sunrise and in the late afternoon, just before sundown. The only time you'll find perch active after dark is during the spawn, when the spring water temps rise to between 44 and 55 degrees.

What is the best time to fish Lake Erie for walleye? ›

July is the best month for limit catches of Lake Erie Walleye. The weather is stable and walleye are schooled up in their normal patterns and migrations. July has the highest catch rate of any month according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

What is the best bait for walleye on Lake Erie? ›

When walleye fishing Lake Erie, be sure to put a few hair jigs or curly-tail grubs in your tackle box. You can make your jig offering even more enticing by tipping it with a live minnow. This lure and minnow combination can work particularly well in the early spring.

What is the best lure to catch walleye? ›

Minnows. Minnows are the most popular bait option for walleye anglers, I have found consistent success with shiner and flathead minnows. When targeting bigger fish, shiners in the 4-6″ range are the mainstay, these will weed through some of the smaller fish and get you on 25″+ Walleye.

What is the best bait for Lake Erie? ›

Minnows and crayfish are top live bait offerings, but nightcrawlers and leeches will also work. The drop shot rig has become very popular among Erie bass anglers as an effective way to fish bait just off the bottom.

What is the most common fish in Lake Erie? ›

Bluegill. The first fish you are likely to find while fishing in Lake Erie is the Bluegill. Bluegills inhabit a great majority of streams, lakes, rivers, and ponds in North America. These fish are typically 6”-12” long and weigh anywhere between ¼ pounds to 4 1/2 pound.

What is the biggest fish in Lake Erie? ›

Lake sturgeon in the Great Lakes can reach lengths of 10-plus feet and approach 300 pounds. The largest fish taken from Lake Erie was caught by in 1929 and weighed 216 pounds. Young sturgeon like the ones just released are protected from predators by sharp, bony plates called scutes.

Are perch biting in Lake Erie? ›

Some have found perch eagerly biting in several familiar locations including from Cedar Point into Sandusky Bay; Catawba Cliffs; around Green, Rattlesnake and Kelleys Islands; the edge of the Camp Perry firing range; all around the Toledo water intake; and between the Toledo Lighthouse and the Maumee River shipping ...

How do you catch big walleye in Lake Erie? ›

Lake Erie Bottom Bouncer Technique

Hit bottom and lock your bail. If the walleye are a few feet up, hit bottom with your bouncer and bring it up 1 to 6 cranks on the reel. Most bouncer fish will be caught by hitting the bottom and closing up the reel or two four cranks of the bottom.

What is the biggest walleye caught in Lake Erie? ›

Tom “Blackie” Haberman of Brunswick, Ohio caught this 16.19-pound, 33-inch walleye while fishing for yellow perch off Cleveland on Nov. 23, 1999. Despite the millions of walleye caught since, it remains the Ohio record.

What time of day is best for walleye fishing? ›

Generally, the best time to fish for Walleye is early morning and late evening. When the sun is high at midday, Walleye move deeper and hold tightly to shade providing Cover. During periods of low light however, Walleye will move in shallow to feed on baitfish holding close to shore.

How deep are the walleye in Lake Erie? ›

This is a popular spot that is easily identified by the packs of boats seen on the water. If you're the first boat there, watch the depth on your fish finder because the water depth is 65 feet near the edge and as you enter the trench, the depth drops to 77 feet. "Most walleye will be suspended between 35 and 45 feet.

What color lures do walleye like? ›

The most basic and most productive colors for targeting walleye are purple and green. These colors come in a variety of shades and can be used in a large range of depths. For sunny days, select bright or flashy purple or green, and for cloudy days try a solid, darker green or purple.

Can you catch walleye in the middle of the day? ›

Walleye can be caught during the day but you'll need a boat to get out deep after them. Walleye will be hovering behind schools of bait down deep far from shore. If you can only fish during the day, you'll need to fish deep.

How many walleyes are in Lake Erie? ›

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources estimates there are currently about 95 million walleye in the lake two years old or older – that translates into fish about 15 inches or longer, the minimum size for keeping and eating.

Are walleye more active at night? ›

Walleyes are adept nocturnal hunters best caught by night fishing. While most anglers are sleeping, walleyes are pursuing and feeding on unsuspecting prey that cannot see as well in low-light conditions. This nocturnal activity offers a prime opportunity for walleye anglers.

What is the best bait for perch? ›

Perch fishing with worms tends to produce the best results, but maggots, prawns and lobworms are also amongst the best bait for catching perch. You can also try feeding the perch, spreading some maggots over the area you intend to fish. But don't go overboard as perch are small and can fill themselves up quickly.

How deep do you fish for perch? ›

Small perch can usually be caught in fairly shallow water year-round, but large adults head toward deeper water as spring turns to summer. By June, rocky areas in 8 to 12 feet of water are prime targets. By August, you can expect to catch perch as deep as 25 to 35 feet.

What size hooks for perch fishing? ›

The best size circle hook to use for perch is size 4 to 6. The circle hooks should be snelled and with a wide gape, and are usually best for live bait (minnows). Circle hooks come with the advantage of rarely resulting in a deep hooked fish, and essentially result in the fish hooking itself.

How many perch are in Lake Erie? ›

Walleye and yellow perch total allowable catches (TAC) set

The Lake Erie TAC for walleyes rose from 8.531 million in 2019 to 10.237 fish for 2020 and the perch TAC decreased from 8.552 to 7.805 million pounds from 2019 to 2020 due to rising and fall populations, respectively, of these two most important species.

Are there king salmon in Lake Erie? ›

kisutch (Walbaum), have been introduced into Lake Erie and its tributary streams. As early as 1873 the Ohio Fish Cormmission introduced King Salmon fry into Lake Erie.

Are there chinook salmon in Lake Erie? ›

In the cold water of Lake Erie, expect to find lake trout, chinook salmon, steelhead/rainbow trout, brown trout, coho salmon and atlantic salmon. Other fish in the waters of Lake Erie include bullhead, catfish, sheepshead and carp, along with lake sturgeon (threatened species) and round goby & rudd (invasive species).

What colors can walleye see? ›

A walleye lacks the blue and yellow cells, so it's color vision is similar to that of the rare human beings with blue and yellow color blindness. What this means is a walleye most likely can see all colors as some shade of red or green.

What is the daily walleye limit on Lake Erie? ›

The walleye daily limit on Lake Erie is six fish per angler with a 15-inch minimum length limit. Walleye hatch success has been exceptional for six of the past eight years. Anglers will mostly catch abundant 2- to 4-year-old-fish ranging from 15 to 22 inches.

How do you jig for walleye in Lake Erie? ›

Jigging for walleye tips - YouTube

What pound test should I use for walleye? ›

The best fishing line for walleye is 8-12 pound test fluorocarbon. The fluorocarbon is effectively invisible underwater and does not stretch, making it easy to feel bites. The sensitivity also makes it an incredibly adaptable line and able to use in most scenarios.

Why are walleyes so hard to catch? ›

It's not impossible, but walleye seek out deep water and shade to avoid the harsh sunlight, and they tend not to feed actively during these conditions, so you'll have to adapt your fishing locations and tactics accordingly.

How do you hook a minnow to a walleye? ›

How to Fish a Jig and Minnow for Spring Walleyes - YouTube

What fish are in season in Lake Erie? ›

SpeciesSeasonsDaily Limit
WalleyeJan. 1 through March 14 and May 1 through Dec. 316***
Bass* Largemouth SmallmouthJan. 1 through April 8 and June 11 through Dec. 314 (combined species)
April 9 through June 10*1
Yellow PerchDec. 1 through April 3030***
15 more rows

What do Lake Erie walleye eat? ›

The walleye are not choosy eaters and in many cases they will eat anything that they can get their mouth on. Their main diet in Lake Erie is threadfin shad. They are even known to be piscivorous, meaning that they eat other fishes, including other walleye.

How do you fish a swing for walleye? ›

FISH THE SWING LIKE A BOSS, Erie Walleye Casting Secrets. - YouTube

What is the best time to fish in Lake Erie? ›

Summer. Summer is prime time for Lake Erie fishing. July through September are the best months to target walleye when the water is warmer and the fish are on the move. Perch are productive as well.

What's the most common fish in Lake Erie? ›

  • Lake Erie Fishing. Lake Erie is one of the world's largest freshwater commercial fisheries and fishing is a popular halftime attraction for visitors. ...
  • Bluegill. The first fish you are likely to find while fishing in Lake Erie is the Bluegill. ...
  • Smallmouth Bass. ...
  • Steelhead. ...
  • Walleye. ...
  • Yellow Perch.

What is the biggest fish in Lake Erie? ›

Lake sturgeon in the Great Lakes can reach lengths of 10-plus feet and approach 300 pounds. The largest fish taken from Lake Erie was caught by in 1929 and weighed 216 pounds. Young sturgeon like the ones just released are protected from predators by sharp, bony plates called scutes.

What is the best bait for walleye on Lake Erie? ›

When walleye fishing Lake Erie, be sure to put a few hair jigs or curly-tail grubs in your tackle box. You can make your jig offering even more enticing by tipping it with a live minnow. This lure and minnow combination can work particularly well in the early spring.

What is the best month to fish for walleye on Lake Erie? ›

July. July is the best month for limit catches of Lake Erie Walleye. The weather is stable and walleye are schooled up in their normal patterns and migrations. July has the highest catch rate of any month according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

What is the biggest predator in Lake Erie? ›

Sea lampreys are the Great Lakes' biggest predators. They attach to valuable fish and feed on their victims blood and body fluids.

How deep are the walleye in Lake Erie? ›

This is a popular spot that is easily identified by the packs of boats seen on the water. If you're the first boat there, watch the depth on your fish finder because the water depth is 65 feet near the edge and as you enter the trench, the depth drops to 77 feet. "Most walleye will be suspended between 35 and 45 feet.

Are sharks in Lake Erie? ›

There are no sharks in Lake Erie," pronounces Officer James Mylett of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR).

What is the deepest point of Lake Erie? ›

With a mean surface height of 570 feet (170 metres) above sea level, Erie has the smallest mean depth (62 feet) of the Great Lakes, and its deepest point is 210 feet.

Are there muskie in Lake Erie? ›

Known as the “fish of 10,000 casts,” the muskie is a rare sight in Lake Erie. A very territorial and predatory fish, the muskie populations generally keep to the area of Lake St. Clair and the Detroit River.

Are there crabs in Lake Erie? ›

It was first reported in the Great Lakes in 1965 where it occasionally shows up in Lakes Ontario and Erie. It appeared in the St. Lawrence River in 2004. No freshwater crab species existed in North America before its arrival.

Are there king salmon in Lake Erie? ›

kisutch (Walbaum), have been introduced into Lake Erie and its tributary streams. As early as 1873 the Ohio Fish Cormmission introduced King Salmon fry into Lake Erie.

What is the Lake Erie Monster? ›

In northeastern Ohio and Michigan folklore, Bessie is a name given to a lake monster in Lake Erie, also known as South Bay Bessie or simply The Lake Erie Monster. The first recorded sighting of Bessie occurred in 1817, and more sightings have occurred intermittently and in greater frequency in the last three decades.

Are there sheepshead in Lake Erie? ›

Today, local fishermen refer to the freshwater drum as silver or gray bass around the Ohio River and commonly known as sheepshead around Lake Erie.

Lake Erie and Lake Erie Fishing Descriptions, Gear, and Fishing Methods

competition was being held on Lake Erie, the lake changed from small "rollers" to massive ten foot waves in a matter of minutes,. sinking or beaching numerous boats and sending two dozen anglers into the lake.. Waves regularly over four foot are generally too much for most fishing boats on Lake Erie.. Likewise, the most popular time for fishing for steelhead and lake trout at the mountain is in the the middle to late summer, when the fish have moved into the deep waters at the mountain.. There is no significant fishing on Lake Erie in the winter once the lake freezes.. Many boats which troll on the lake have two motors; a large motor for getting to and from the fishing waters, and a small, 5 or 10 horsepower long shaft pull start. outboard motor for trolling.. Many boats equipped for fishing on Lake Erie also have a planer board mast (to run planer boards), two or more downriggers (manual or electric), multiple stand-up rod holders, a sizable cooler with ice, and a large, long handled net.. Other items to. consider taking on your boat include a map of the lake, a first aid kit, binoculars, sun glasses and sun screen (there is no shade on the lake), rain gear, an extra jacket, a good anchor with plenty of line, sea sickness medicine, hook extractors. and a fish "club.". The line. from the rod is pinched on the release clip, the bail is opened, and the line begins to slide down the planer board line and away from the boat.. While the rod is connected to the planer board line, the fishing line goes sideways to the planer board line release, then back behind the boat.. Planer boards are popular for walleye fishing early in the summer, when the water is colder and the fish are closer to the surface.. The second release is attached to the second fishing line you wish fish off the downrigger.. As the water. temperature of the lake rises, these fish begin to move east into the deeper waters of the central and eastern basins of Lake Erie.. Because lake trout mature so slowly, there is a reduced creel limit for these fish on Lake Erie.

Fishing Reports and Discussions for Castle Rock Lake - Wisconsin

Fished the “Rock” today with a father and son team who are spending a few day’s at there place along the east shore.. Today we launched the boat at 7 am and fished till 11:00 am.. Water temperature was 73.2 in the early morning and around 74 when we left the water.. Today we jigged the entire trip, 1/8th oz weedless Draggin’ Jigs tipped with half crawler.. Video from the previous tournament up there, not ALOT of fish but definitely enough of the RIGHT fish!. Guy’s took home a few fish for dinner tonight, rest went back to fight another day!. Anyone looking to get out and fish, I have July- 10th,12th,13th,15th,17th still available.. Water temperature was 77.5 when we hit the water and around 76.5 when we left the lake.. We launched the boat at 6 am and fished till 11 am wanted to fish before it got brutal hot!. Started trolling in the narrows and rolled with the southeast blow.. Then back on at 5ish till 8:30... Total fish count for the day was legal eye shorts and white bass...Not seeing the fish numbers and catch rates I should be at.. Water temperature 65.. Starting to think fish population is down on all.. Not many crappie this winter and this spring..I fish more then the average person and this is my opinion.. only boat on the lake this evening way better to fish during the week..

NOTE: One of the purposes of this site is to allow tournament director's to work amongst themselves any issues that arise. Therefore the director's email and phone number will be available to all other tournament director's when they are signed into the Fishing Tournament Information System. Directors are encouraged to contact each other to work out ramp access or other issues when wishing to hold a tournament/event at the same location, day and time.

Once a director is registered with Michigan's Single Sign, they are required to sign in and create a director's profile on the Fishing Tournament Information System.. Therefore the director's email and phone number will be available to all other tournament director's when they are signed into the Fishing Tournament Information System.. If a director searches for and can't find an access site, it is recommended they navigate to the waterbody they are interested in with the online map function and look for access sites on the map.. If a director has used the search and map functions and still cannot find the access site they are looking for or the lake they are interested in does not have an access site, then the director can request to have it added to the tournament information system.. The DNR has received an overwhelming number of inquiries from directors about Muskegon Lake's "Fisherman's Landing" access site not being in the Fishing Tournament Information System.. When signed into the Fishing Tournament Information System, under the "Register Tournament" link directors can select the "Add Tournament" feature.. Next to the boating access site is a link that is titled "Request a New Site" that can be used to have a new lake or launch location added to the system.. In his "my tournaments list", find the tournament of interest and click the "Edit/Delete" button to the right of the tournament's information.

The Summer Lake Ontario Counties Derby is set to begin Saturday, as will the Summer Big Boys Tournament. On Lake Erie, the NY Walleye Derby continues, with the next big

John DeLorenzo of Niagara Falls is noticing larger fish are starting to show up and he caught his first big one of the season at 30 inches and 10 pounds on a worm harness.. Firetiger blades and purple beads seemed to work best, and the fish were right on the bottom.. Anglers battling moss in the upper Niagara River are starting to see a few walleyes according to Capt.. Steelhead were anywhere from 200-400 feet of water, mainly west of the Oak.. You also can fish the reeds/weeds that hold bait fish or jig the deeper sections of the river that can be as deep as 20 feet.. When fishing worm harnesses along the weed edges, Capt.

What a week in the world of fishing for New York State. The Bassmasters Elite Tournament on the St. Lawrence set a smallmouth record by breaking the century mark for

On Lake Erie, the Sunset Bay Walleye Shootout saw 140 teams competing for big cash prizes and Capt.. They also found fish in 75 to 80 feet of water, out a bit further.. Weights of 3 to 5 ounces for bottom bouncers producing the most for him, running at 1.2 to 1.4 mph, with baits 130 to 140 feet back.. Their winning program was fishing straight out of Olcott at the 29 to 32 lines, using 5 Musslehead tackle meat rigs and 5 spoons 40 to 90 feet down.. They also found a good number of steelhead and younger class fish out at the 29 line in 500-plus feet of water.. King salmon with browns inside of 100 feet; kings and steelhead out to 500 feet.. The fishing has been good the last week, according to Capt.. Slow trolling worm harnesses in the same areas will catch walleye, but the panfish will keep you busy.. Musky fishing is decent both casting and trolling.. The St. Lawrence River and Eastern Lake Ontario smallmouth bass fisheries laid claim to tops in the world last weekend when two Bassmaster Elite anglers topped the century club for the first time ever – catching 20 smallmouth bass over four days of fishing and topping 100 pounds of smallies.

A multitude of options with summer settled in makes this a really sprawling raw-file Midwest Fishing Report.

Otherwise, here are some basics: Foster (free street parking or pay lot); Montrose (now a mix of metered and free street parking); Belmont (pay lots on north and south sides); Diversey (pay lot or street parking); DuSable Harbor (pay lot or fisherman’s lot); Northerly Island/Burnham Harbor (meters, pay lot or fisherman’s lot); 31st/Burnham (meter parking between McCormick Place and 31st Street Harbor); Oakwood/39th (meters); 63rd Street/Casino Pier (pay lot); Steelworkers Park (free street parking at east end of 87th); Cal Park (free parking).. The hot summer fishing for largemouth bass on island lake continues with senkos and chatter baits.Grass and duckweed areas have been best .Still getting them under docks.Last night as the sun set the blue gills went crazy.I caught several of the biggest hardest fighting bluegill I’ve ever hooked into.I was using small bits of gulp night crawler.. The bluegills are in the deep summer pattern.I have been catching the fish in 15-18 feet of water.The fish are very close to the bottom, within 12 inches of bottom.Leaf worms seem to work the best.I either straight line the bait underneath the anchored boat or I slip bobber fish them with a small hook and split shot.I have been working the outside of the weed edge.The best locations have been west of Willow Point, Delmar subdivision beach area or the Township Park.The perch fishing continues to be excellent.The only bait to use is the long green hellgrammites.You can get them at Delavan Bait and Tackle or Geneva Bait and Tackle in Williams Bay.The fish are located in 13-15 feet of water.I have almost exclusively been using slip bobber and single hooks and split shots.The best spots I have fished are in front of the Township Park, the Island area on the west end or by the area west of Willow Point, known as the Boy Scout camp.. Crappie fishing has been too easy, almost to the point of being boring.I have literally caught hundreds of them last week.I have been working small plastics.The best color is yellow, red or pink.I like the small twister tails or tube jigs.They are still right off the weed line.I position the boat just out side the weed line and cast shallow.Remember the key is a slow reel-pause-retrieve.I have caught most of my fish by Browns Channel, the Island or by Willow Point.. The Northern Pike fishing has been good.The fish are still located on the deep weed lines and can be readily caught.I have only been using lindy rigged suckers.The average size this year has been awesome.I have caught legal fish almost every trip I go out and almost all have been released.They are very easy to locate.Find the weed line and electric motor troll,they will hammer the suckers.. With the other fish biting so well, I wouldn’t waste my time.Large mouth fishing has been all right.They have been in the shallows cruising around the piers.Flipping the docks or split shot rigs with live night crawlers has been the best.The depth I prefer is 3-5 feet of water.. I did make it out to a Fox tributary yesterday afternoon/evening.I fished farther downstream than last week, closer to the Fox.I was also, based on water temperatures, downstream of some significant groundwater flows-the water had to be 5-10 degrees cooler than I found on my last outing.It was shaping up to be a numbers day:a lot of smallmouths caught, but all of them fit in my hand.I was beginning to think about going after them with a two weight next time, just to make things more sporting.Then on the last cast of the day, I got the fish in the attached image, a solid 15-16 inch fish, which went airborne a couple of times.I called it quits and broke down the rod and walked back to the car after the fish was safely released.On my way out, I spooked some big tadpoles off a shallow mudflat into deep water next to the streambank.They immediately turned around and fled back onto the mudflat:they were being pursued by another good-sized smallmouth, whose back was not covered by water, that’s how shallow the mudflat was.Probably best if I forget about using the two weight on smallmouths for a while.. Big Green Lake - Water temperature is holding around 73 degrees and smallmouth bass are moving deeper.Having said that, smallmouth bass can be found in the 8 to 12-foot zone shallow early and late during the day.Smallmouth bass will also stay shallower on windy days when light penetration is reduced due to wave action.Now is a good time to cast swim baits and tube jigs along outer weed edges.Look for areas where small points project from the weed line.Also, offshore cribs will come into play if you can find them.Walleyes are still catchable trolling with spinners and nightcrawler harnesses early and late in the day.Lake trout are active in deep water.Try trolling Sutton Spoons in 150 to 200 feet of water.. Dogfish, Bowfin (up here in the North), Mudfish or Swamp Trout (down South), a hard fighting, never say quit fish that are native to our waters and despite being listed as rough fish are really just a natural part of the aquatic diversity of our lakes.Despite accusations from anglers that they eat fish, well actually sometimes, but mostly 70-75% of the time, they eat crayfish.Loons, on the other hand, (except when feeding insects to their young) always eat fish.Pont being?Bowfin are fun to catch, are good for the lake’s ecosystem, so just let ‘em go (unless you’re going to eat one.. Largemouth Bass:Good-Very Good – Work shallow running cranks that run at weed top level (3-5’ below surface).Square Bills, Shallow Shad Raps and Lipless Cranks all good choices.Once action slows, Wacky Worming and Ned Rigs top bets.. Bluegill:Good – Action on live bait (leeches, worms, small minnows) and tiny plastic-bodied jigs.Evenings providing good popper action for fly fishing anglers.


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