Best Perch Fishing in Michigan - (2022)

Best Perch Fishing in Michigan - (1)

Perch is also known as the Yellow Perch, American River Perch, Stripped Perch, Coontail, or American Perch. This fish is native to North America and is a freshwater fish. It is easy to confuse Yellow Perch with Sauger or yellow fish. However, Perch can be differentiated from the other two fish by their deeper body form and ack of canines.

Perch is known to be the most frequently caught game fish in the State of Michigan.

This fish is popular in this region because you can find it in a majority of the freshwater bodies in Michigan. Perch is also popular because they’re easy to catch, not to mention their delicious taste. These fish are also versatile in their movements through the seasons and remain active even through Winter.

For this reason, many anglers can participate in ice fishing in different perch fishing points in Michigan.

In this article, we offer you several options we think are the best perch fishing points in Michigan.

Lake St. Clair

This is a freshwater lake found between the Province of Ontario, Canada, and the State of Michigan, U.S. Lake St. Claire covers 430 square miles and is part of the Great Lakes. This lake also connects Lakes Erie and Lake Huron which means there is a good flow of fish through the lakes.

Although all Great Lakes have a good number of Coontail, Lake St. Clair has a greater number of this fish. You can attribute this to abundant forage and stained water which supports the feeding habits of Perch.

The high population of Perch in Lake St. Clair means you can find this fish almost anywhere in this lake. Perch in this lake have like feeding the shore which makes it easy for anglers to engage in shore fishing. This fish also remain active even during winter, as is generally their nature. This means anglers can enjoy some ice fishing in this lake.

When fishing for Perch on Lake St. Clair, make sure to stay on the move and focus where you’re likely to find the fish. Other than the shore, you can also find Perch in the shallow flats of the lake preying on smaller fish.

The best angling method to use to catch Coontail in this lake is jigging. Try using baits such as minnows, leeches, crickets, and small crayfish.

Lake Gogebic

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This lake is the best spot to fish for Perch if you’re looking to get good size perch. Most anglers who fish for Perch in Lake Gogebic might not get buckets full of this fish. Anglers, however, still love fishing for Perch in this lake due to their enormous size.

The size of the Perch in this lake is attributed to the fact that Lake Gogebic has a good supply of protein-rich forage. Perch is a carnivorous fish species, as such, they don’t feed on the forage. Instead, the forage helps support their diet by attracting other smaller fish that they prey on. The Perch in this lake also prey on aquatic insects which help them grow rapidly.

Perch in Lake Gogebic respond better to wigglers as bait compared to minnows. These fish also don’t respond well to aggressive jigging. Instead, try using what the local anglers call the dead sticking method where you let the wiggler rest motionless.

The Perch in Lake Gogebic bite so lightly that you can barely feel them when your tight line. You will, therefore, also need to use a spring bobber to detect when the Coontail bite the wigglers.

During winter, you can fish for Perch in this lake that is feeding in waters that are 10 to 20 feet deep. You can also try fishing around the fish shelters abundantly place in the lake. As the season progresses, focus more on the center of the lake where the water is deeper and the Perch schools concentrate.

Glen Lake

Best Perch Fishing in Michigan - (2)

Glen Lake is located in Leelanau County and is made up of Big Glen Lake and Small Glen Lake. Big Glen Lake has more of a circular shape and covers 4871 acres while Little Glen Lake covers 1415 acres has a more elongated shape. Both lakes are connected through channels at the Narrows and both drain into Lake Michigan.

Both lakes are great spots for Perch fishing and especially in the winter. Little Glen freezes up first and Big Glen freezes up later as Winter progresses. The perfect place to try and catch jumbo size Perch is where Little Glen narrows into Big Glen. Perch caught at this point range between 10 to 15 inches.

This is also a great spot to fish for Coontail as a great number of the fish tend to migrate from Big Glen into Little Glen as the season change during late Fall and early Winter. This increases your chances of catching a good number of Perch. You should, however, be cautious when fishing at this point.

Big Glen freezes at a slower rate than Little Glen due to its depth. This lake also has less structure than its counterpart but you can still catch good-sized Perch in it. As Winter begins, Perch in Big Glen tend to prefer feeding in water that is 5 to 25 feet deep. This is usually in the northeast end of this lake. However, as Winter progresses, Coontail schools concentrate in waters that are 35 to 50 feet deep.

Mullet Lake

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This lake is found in Cheboygan County, Michigan, and covers 16,630 acres. Due to its size, Mullet Lake receives less angling pressure and is a great spot to fish for decent size Yellow Perch.

There are four great spots you can angle for Perch in this lake. The first spot is Scott Bay which is located on the southern end of the Lake. Scott Bay is bordered by Red Pine Point to the east and Parrot Point to the west.

The diverse structure of Scott Bay makes it a favorable point for Perch fishing. This location has deep water flats, a drop-off, and a saddle. Scott bay is also deep enough for Perch schools to roam freely as they prey. There’s also an island straight across Scott Bay that is just the right depth for Perch schools to concentrate.

You can also try fishing on the western shoreline of the lake between Long Point and Veery Point. The structure of this point is also conducive for Coontail schools.

The other fishing point in Mullet Lake that you should try angling in is at the northern point of the lake. This point borders the Public Launch and Doge Point. This fishing point has cabbage weeds, sand, and flats that can be between 10 to 30 feet deep.

Appropriate fishing techniques in Mullet Lake include jigging with wigglers or minnows. You can also use slip bobbers, plain hooks, or teardrop, or a small spoon.

Lake Antoine

This lake covers 748 acres and is found in Dickinson County, Michigan. It is not the largest or deepest lake in Michigan but it has a fairly good number of decent size Perch. This is because it has organic matter at its bottom and evenly distributed aquatic vegetation. These attract small fish and aquatic insects that Coontail prey on.

The best time to fish for Perch in this lake is between 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. During these periods the weather and barometric pressure are just right to support the activity of the fish.

Great fishing points in this lake include the western shore, the island to the southern shore, and the manmade rock bar to the northeastern end of the lake. Popular fishing methods used to catch Perch in this lake include jigging with live bait, Thunder-sticks, soft plastics, and Rapalas.

Crystal Lake

Best Perch Fishing in Michigan - (3)

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Crystal Lake is Michigan’s ninth largest lake and it covers 9,854acres. This lake has an interesting history. In 1873, there was an unsuccessful attempt to create a channel between Lake Michigan and Crustal Lake. This resulted in the exposure of Crystal Lake’s sandy beaches and the lowering of its water level.

Other than its interesting history, this lake is known to be a great spot for Perch fishing. However, anglers who are 17 years and above require a fishing license from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources to fish in Crystal Lake. The fishing license is, however, waivered during the annual Michigan February Free Fishing weekend.

Coontail is among the most abundant fish species in this lake and grows to over 12 inches in length. The Perch schools continue to be active through the different seasons but can be found in different points of the lake. This lake takes a longer time to freeze due to its large size. However, once frozen, it offers amazing Perch fishing.

Great fishing points to angle for Perch during winter in this lake include Beulah to the eastern end of the lake and Railroad Point. You can get up to 14-inch Perch at these points.

The best fishing methods to use in this lake are trolling and jigging with live minnows. The bigger the minnows you use the larger the Perch you will catch.

Skegemog Lake

This lake borders three counties in Michigan; Antrim County, Kalkaska County, and Grand Traverse County. It covers 2,766 acres and is 29 feet deep. Skegemog is an Algonquin name that means the meeting of waters. Skegemog Lake is part of the lower chain of Antrim County and connects to Elk Lake, Torch River, and subsequently to Lake Michigan.

The strategic position of Skegemog Lake in this chain ensures there is a steady flow of fish in the lake.

This lake has both narrow and deep points which creates a diversity of fishing points. The eastern part of the lake, however, is the best fishing point. This fishing point has several submerged items which offer good hiding places for Perch and other fish. You can also have a good catch off the south shore or north of the lake where it is deepest.

Trolling is the best fishing method to catch Coontail in this lake. Using wigglers or a teardrop will help you catch large numbers of Perch in this lake. However, you should use big minnows if you want to catch jumbo Yellow Perch.

Hamlin Lake

This lake covers 4,990 acres and is located in Mason County, Michigan. This lake is popular for Bluegill fishing. As a result, not many people consider it a Perch fishing paradise in winter. A good time to fish for Perch in Hamlin Lake is between January and March. During this period, the lake is frozen and anglers can engage in ice fishing.

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Perch caught in this lake can range between 8 to 12 inches in length.

The best fishing position in Hamlin is the lower lake which has steep contours, flats, and can reach up to 80 feet deep.

The best fishing method is jigging with large minnows and a slip bobber. You can also use jigging spoons and teardrops.

Burt Lake

This lake covers 17,260 acres and is a pristine destination for Perch winter fishing. Burt lake has sufficient forage and a few weeds that attract mayfly lava, minnows, and aquatic insects that Perch prey on.

Key points for ice fishing include Maple Bay and the flats on the western point of Greenman Point.

You are guaranteed to make a catch by jigging with big minnows.

Hubbard Lake

This lake covers 8,850 acres. Despite its expansive water, Perch fishing in this lake can be a bit difficult. This, however, doesn’t mean you won’t be able to catch decent size Perch.

Great fishing points during the midwinter season are the northern and southern points of the lake. You can also try fishing in the North and East Bays on first ice and at Harwood Point and Churchill Point as the season progresses.

You can use the jigging method to catch Coontail in this lake. Preferred bait assortments you can use include minnows, wigglers, and wax worms.

We hope you make a grand catch; in whichever Perch fishing points you choose from this list.

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Where is the best perch fishing in Michigan? ›

Good fishing for perch can be found out of numerous Lake Michigan ports, the Les Cheneaux Islands area of northern Lake Huron, Saginaw Bay, Lake St. Clair and Lake Erie. Inland lakes with notable perch fisheries include Gogebic, Independence, Burt, Hubbard, Crystal, Higgins and Elk.

Where is the best perch fishing? ›

The best spots for big yellow perch may be inshore near shallow breaks or in water as deep as 30ft / 9m, but most gather near underwater structures such as rocks, weed beds or channels. Check these structures, and if perch aren't schooling there, drift with a bottom-bouncing bait rig until one turns up.

What month is best for perch fishing? ›

During late spring and early summer, early morning and early evening hours are best. During late summer, late afternoon and evening is best. In autumn, the best times are morning, and late afternoon evening. During the winter, the low light of late afternoon-evening is good.

Where are the perch in Michigan? ›

Michigan City typically has the most consistent summer perch bite and the highest catch rate. The most popular places are near Mt. Baldy and Black Ditch, just to the west of Mt. Baldy in 20-40 feet of water.

Where do you find perch in a lake? ›

How to find BIG PERCH (in a lake full of dinks) & How To Make Them Bite ...

What is the Michigan record for yellow perch? ›

The yellow perch (Perca flavescens) is a favorite sport fish of Michigan anglers, not surprising given the perch's delicious, flaky flesh and abundance. Perch average 4 to 10 inches long, but the Michigan state record, dating back to 1947, was 21 inches long and weighed 3.75 pounds.

What Lake has the biggest perch? ›

On the jumbo side of things, Lake Cascade, Idaho, remains the greatest spot in North America to put a 2.5-pound or even 3-pound fish on the ice.

What's the best bait for perch? ›

Perch fishing with worms tends to produce the best results, but maggots, prawns and lobworms are also amongst the best bait for catching perch. You can also try feeding the perch, spreading some maggots over the area you intend to fish.

What should I look for when perch fishing? ›

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Do perches bite in the afternoon? ›

Perch Feeding Behavior

Because perch live a life of danger, they favor day over night for feeding, and are most active just after sunrise and in the late afternoon, just before sundown.

What colors do perch like? ›

Perch typically respond well to bright colors like white and chartreuse, but they may also bite more natural brown and green tones that imitate crayfish and other prey.

Where do perch like to hang out? ›

You'll find perch wherever there is fresh water. Look for areas with natural structures: weeds, dams, submerged objects, islands, inlets, rocks, reeds and bridges -- any place where plants can grow. Plants attract bait fish and bait fish attract sport fish, so those are the areas you want to look for perch.

How do you catch perch shore in Lake Michigan? ›

How to Catch Great Lakes Perch - Winter Perch Fishing - YouTube

Is there a size limit on perch in Michigan? ›

i) The daily possession limit for Yellow Perch shall be twenty-five (25), with no more than five (5) Yellow Perch 12 inches or greater.

How do you perch fish in Michigan? ›

How To Catch & Cook Yellow Perch - Lake Michigan | Field Trips Wisconsin

How do you target perch? ›

Another method for finding perch is to troll a small worm tipped spinner rig with a bottom bouncer until you catch some. After you locate them, it's time to anchor up and do a little vertical fishing. Small jigs and jigging spoons tipped with leeches, chunks of night crawlers or minnows seem to work best.

How do you rig for perch fishing? ›

How To Tie a Simple Perch Rig - Feeder or Ledger - YouTube

What is the biggest bluegill in Michigan? ›

The current state record for a bluegill is 2 pounds 12 ounces, according to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources Master Angler Program. Kemp's fish will have to be verified by a DNR fisheries biologist before it can be officially listed as the new state record.

What's the largest fish ever caught in Lake Michigan? ›

The official weight, 47.86 pounds, was measured on a certified scale by the DNR fisheries biologist.) Moonshine lure: Close-up view of the Moonshine raspberry carbon spoon lure used to catch the state-record Chinook salmon on Lake Michigan.

What is the biggest crappie ever caught in Michigan? ›

It was set way back in 1947. State records are recognized by weight only. It appears Cunningham's black crappie is the largest in terms of weight caught in Michigan since August 1994. Back then, a Westland man caught one in Budd Lake (Clare County) weighing 3 pounds, 12 ounces and measuring 16.25 inches.

How do you get jumbo perch? ›

Ice Fishing Jumbo Perch | Tips and Tricks - YouTube

What is the best bait for perch ice fishing? ›

Perch feed on insects, freshwater shrimp, and smaller baitfish. Start with an ice jig and soft plastic tipped with a waxie to mimic insects and shrimp.

What state has the biggest perch? ›

Perch can generally be found in the Iowa Great Lakes as well as the state's border rivers, according to the Iowa DNR. The world record for largest yellow perch ever caught comes from New Jersey where, in 1865, a 4.3-pound whopper was caught.

What is the best time of day to catch perch? ›

Perch fishing is usually best in the early morning or evening hours during late spring and early summer and late afternoon or evening in late summer. In autumn, both morning and late afternoon-evening provide excellent fishing. In the natural lakes, the best fishing is usually from late summer until late fall.

What size hooks for perch? ›

Use a smaller #6 or #4 for 1-2″ minnows and small leeches to target Perch and Crappie. Use the medium size #4 & #2 on larger 3-4″ minnows and jumbo leeches for Walleye. Lastly, the 1/0 is great with larger 4-6″ minnows used to target Pike and Bass.

What size lures for perch? ›

Use lures in the 6cm-9cm range, as these are ideal for perch, and pay attention to the diving depth of the lure. The bigger the vane on the front of the lure, the deeper it will dive. By far the best shape of crankbait for perch is a short, stumpy body that produces a really fast wiggle action.

How do you get a perch that won't bite? ›

Use no bobbers or floats go with a light tip rod or add some sort of spring bobber. you need to drop baits to bottom then raise them slowly.

How do you get finicky perch to bite? ›

HOW DO YOU GET FINICKY PERCH TO BITE? To catch them, it's as simple as lure them over, offer something that's delicious and catch them. Luring them over can be done with a spoon or something that's going to displace water or make noise.

What is the best bait for yellow perch? ›

The best bait for yellow perch is live minnows, crayfish, mealworms, or nightcrawlers. Yellow perch also love the eyes and jaw meat of other fish, even their own kind. Live bait or fresh cut-bait is best, but artificial lures such as small jigs and in-line spinners can be very effective.

Do perch like the rain? ›

Rain both provides more cover for hunting perch and oxygenates the water, which means that it has the power to boost the fish's activity.

What water temperature do perch like? ›

Biologically, the optimum water temperature for the yellow perch spawn runs from roughly 46 to 52 degrees, and the fish make short work of their responsibilities and quickly flee the creek heads.

How do you find a perch in a river? ›

They are commonly found near features such as overhanging trees, woodwork in the water, rush beds, inlets and outlets. Sport can be especially good when the rivers are up and coloured, as this tends to push perch into the margins where they can be present in large numbers.

How do you hook a minnow to perch? ›

How to catch perch with minnows | Catching panfish - YouTube

How do you jig for perch? ›

How to Jig Fish for Big Perch with Emma - YouTube

How do you hook a worm to a perch? ›

How To Improve Your Chances When Fishing For Perch - Fishing TV

What scent do perch like? ›

Perch aren't big on scent. Things like the size of your lure and sometimes color will be much more important. Maggots, mealworms, minnows, even perch eyes will all work.

Do perch like deep water in the winter? ›

At first ice, perch can be scattered anywhere, but by mid-winter most will be on mid- to deep flats. They'll stay there until the last weeks of the season, before moving close to their spawning sites. Shallow flats, weedy bays and reedy shorelines will produce some of the year's best perch fishing during ice out.

Does perch feed at night? ›

As perch are visually oriented hunters, they need a certain level of water clarity in order to find their prey. So, given that the water is relatively clear and temperatures are rising slightly, perch do hunt and feed in the dark as well. And hence, you can fish for them successfully even at night!

What happened to the perch in Lake Michigan? ›

Yellow Perch Project. A large decline in the number of yellow perch surviving their first year of life has caused a reduction in the number of perch in Lake Michigan.

How big can a yellow perch get? ›

The common length for yellow perch is 7.5 inches with the longest reported length for yellow perch being 19.7 inches.

Can you use perch as bait in Michigan? ›

The new laws include the following: A person should not release baitfish in any Michigan waters. A person who collects fish should not use them as bait or cut bait except in the inland stream, lake, or Great Lake where the fish was caught, or in a connecting waterway where the fish was caught.

Is fishing with corn illegal in Michigan? ›

Chumming, the practice of luring or attracting fish with bait mixes that can include corn, rice, noodles, fish eggs, or different types of meat, has been legal in Michigan for years.

What is the biggest perch ever caught? ›

That's because, in 2014, a 12-year-old girl from Eagle caught a 15.5-inch, 2-pound, 11.68-ounce whopper – giving her the world record for the largest perch ever caught on a tip-up.

Why are there no perch in Lake Erie? ›

A combination of factors over recent years, most notably poor hatches, has decimated the Lake Erie perch population, especially in the central basin, from Huron east to Fairport Harbor.

How big do perch need to be to keep? ›

Re: What size perch you keep

Typically those big perch are female and while they get a little longer, their bellies are usually packed full of eggs so the size of the fillet in a 11 inch perch isn't much smaller than a 13 inch. Personally I keep fish in the 9-12 inch range and anything over/under that goes back.

The Walley fish is also known as the Yellow Pike or Yellow Pickerel and is native to the Northern United States and Canada. This fish is the official state fish of Minnesota, South Dakota, and Vermont. Walley fish species are insatiable predators and always put up a fight when caught. This, therefore, makes them a popular game fish. Other than their voracious personality, walleye fish is popular for its great taste. The Walleye fish has a subtle flavor and as such lacks a strong fishy taste. Instead, this fish has a lightly sweet taste when cooked. This fish also has

The state of Michigan has several spots with high populations of Walleye fish.. It covers 8850 acres and has a long history of being a great spot for catching Walleye fish.. Post-spawn activity is high earlier on in the season in these two fishing spots.. Using different fishing techniques during different seasons will help you with your catch.. This lake is mostly known as a popular recreational spot in Barry County.. The expansive water of this lake offers beautiful scenery as well as a great fishing spot.. This is because the structure, weeds, and sands at the bottom of this lake favor the natural reproduction of Walleye fish.. Most standard fishing methods will work if you’re catching Walleye fish during the post-spawning season.. If you’re fishing at these points, you should use jigs with minnows, leeches, or crawlers at the tip.. Although both the Leelanau lakes are great fishing points for Walleye fish, North Lake Leelanau has a larger population of this fish.. A great fishing point early in the season in the southern part of this lake where you can find Walleyes in sloping flats.. Use a strong, 7- or 9-foot fishing rod and a jig with a crawler or leech at the tip.. This lake covers 17,000 acres and is the fifth largest lake in the State of Michigan.. Unlike Holloway Reservoir, this lake only has weeds and structure to maintain the Walleye population.. The most appropriate angling methods to use in this lake include jigging with minnows and crawlers.

Right after a long wintery ordeal, anglers prepare their rods because it's the perfect time to visit the best crappie lakes in Michigan.

I’ve been to a lot of lakes across the country, and Michigan is always on my top list when it comes to crappie fishing.. Lake St. Clair The crappie population in Lake St. Clair is spread out, but it remains an attractive spot for anglers.. This lake contains a sizeable population of crappie fishes.. Randall Lake Many anglers flock to Randall Lake to experience its abundant crappie population.. Union Lake Crappie fishing in winter?. So far, this is one of the deepest lakes I’ve fished in, but there are also shallow parts where crappies spawn and feed.. The best crappie lakes in Michigan will give you a fishing experience like no other.

The Walley fish is also known as the Yellow Pike or Yellow Pickerel and is native to the Northern United States and Canada. This fish is the official state fish of Minnesota, South Dakota, and Vermont. Walley fish species are insatiable predators and always put up a fight when caught. This, therefor...

The Walleye fish in Hubbard Lake has a great age structure, reaching up to 12-year-old fish.. Because Hubbard Lake has clear water, catching Walleye fish in this lake can be hard.. Even so, this lake is a great inland lake for Walleye fishing and only requires you to adjust to the recreational activities.. You can also get a good catch if you fish at night when the Walleye fish are more relaxed and out to hunt.. Lake Gogebic has never had a stocking of Walleye fish.. The edges of new-growth weeds on the Northern point of the lake are also good fishing points for Walleyes.. Most standard fishing methods will work if you’re catching Walleye fish during the post-spawning season.. Although both the Leelanau lakes are great fishing points for Walleye fish, North Lake Leelanau has a larger population of this fish.. A great fishing point early in the season in the southern part of this lake where you can find Walleyes in sloping flats.. This lake is a popular Walleye fishing point as it has conducive conditions that favor the reproduction and growth of the fish.. Although it’s shallower than most lakes in Michigan, Portage Lake produces one of the largest and heaviest Walleye fish in the State.. Although this is a manmade lake, Kent Lake is the second most fished lake in Michigan.. The Walleyes in Big Manistique Lake offers smaller fish compared to other lakes.. Choose a fishing method based on the structure of the lake, the behavior of Walleyes in the lake, time of the day, and season.

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In reality, there is a ton of subjectivity that goes into this list (or practically any other list you are going to find on the internet), but some things can be stated without question.. For instance, Michigan is the only state situated on four of the five great lakes (Erie, Michigan, Huron, and Superior).. Let’s take a look at some excellent fishing locations in Michigan that’s didn’t quite make our Top 8 list:. At an impressive 4,150 acres, Muskegon Lake is home to the state record freshwater drum — a 28.61 pound, 34.02 inch fish caught in 2015.. Second, it covers an impressive 14,000 acres, making it one of the largest inland fisheries in the state.. Leelanau offers excellent trout, sunfish, perch, bass and walleye fishing as well.. And now, we take a look at the list of eight lakes that we determined the best in the state.. Depending on location, anglers can expect to encounter numerous species, including lake trout, walleye, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, rock bass, sunfish, whitefish, various species of catfish, trout and salmon, walleye and white bass.. Photo via Tom Hart/FlickrWhile Lake Erie is more closely associated with Ohio, Michigan anglers can capitalize on roughly thirty miles of shoreline that extends into the state.. Anglers fishing these waters can expect to find world-class walleye, as well as rock bass, yellow and white perch, white bass, crappie, norther pike, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, northern pike, muskie, and numerous species of both trout and salmon.. As of this writing, Lake Superior currently own the Michigan state record for both lake trout and lake whitefish.. By surface area, Lake Michigan spans 22,404 square surface miles, making it the third largest of the Great Lakes.. Like the other Great Lakes, anglers can find various species of salmon and trout on Lake Michigan.. While Burt Lake does not include any current Michigan state fishing records as of this writing, the Popular species on Burt Lake include smallmouth bass, northern pike, walleye and muskie.. That said, the lake does offer excellent fishing for numerous species.

By Cory Olsen | colsen@mlive.comFour out of five Great Lakes prefer the state of Michigan, so the saying goes, and when you think of fishing, it rings pretty true.The “Great Lakes State” has fishing options all along its 3,288 miles of shoreline where anglers can focus on walleye, bass, whitefish, b...

The “Great Lakes State” has fishing options all along its 3,288 miles of shoreline where anglers can focus on walleye, bass, whitefish, brown and lake trout, coho salmon and the granddaddy of them all, the chinook (or king) salmon.. The following is a list of fantastic fishing towns, fish species to be caught and information compiled by personal fishing experiences of Outdoors writer Cory Olsen as well as multiple DNR fishing reports .. Try your luck off the piers and shores, or shove off into the waters of Lake Erie, Lake Huron, Lake Superior and Lake Michigan.. Species: Lake trout, chinook and coho salmon, walleye, steelhead. Species: Brown trout, chinook salmon, lake trout, walleye. Species: Lake trout, chinook and coho salmon, steelhead, brown trout. The glorious Lake Superior lake trout roam this range and can be caught on lighter tackle (think walleye fishing) than the normal trolling gear.. Species: Lake trout, brown trout, splake, whitefish, coho and chinook salmon. Boat anglers can head out into 150-200 feet of water to troll for chinook, lake trout and steelhead in the heat of the summer, and stay in closer in the fall for the same species.. Just like all of the Lake Michigan ports on Michigan’s west coast, salmon charter fishing is hot from ice out through fall, but these waters don’t get nearly as warm as further south.. Troll for salmon and lake trout on the big lake or troll and cast for bass and freshwater drum in Pentwater Lake near the channel.. It’s the port I caught my biggest chinook out of (20-pound, 36-inch king salmon) and my dad and I used to fish off the Captain Nichols perch charter boat once a summer for jumbos on Lake Michigan.. Salmon and Lake Trout fishing is still great as well and the port is one of the shortest rides out to the big water along the lakeshore.. The pier has exceptional action in the spring and fall (even in the summer when the lake turns over) and the chinook, coho, lake trout and brown trout fishing can be exceptional.

If someone asked me what is the best state to fly fish I'd say Michigan. Yes, I'm bias Michigan is my home state, but with 1000s of miles of water front and

Michigan has a deep-rooted history in fly fishing, I’ve always been surprised that it isn’t more of a fly fishing destination.. I’ve tapped into local Fly Fishing Guides to provide great spots to fly fish in Michigan.. Where to Fly Fish on the Manistee River With so much “fishy” water it’s tough to settle on where to fish.. Recommended Flies for the Pere Marquette River Eggs flies in size 14-16 are poplar with some much natural reproduction the fish here have keted into them.. “When I asked Brian Kozminski and the Crew at TRUE NORTH TROUT what the Best Fly Fishing River is in Michigan.. Michigan has a bunch of river called “Black” but when you add brook trout plus fly fishing in the same paragraph your talking about the “Black River” in Otsego County.. The first would be a 3 or 4 weight rod – even better would be the TFO Drift Fly Rod which can be switched to fish either dry flies or nymphs.. Official References for Fly Fishing in Michigan Michigan has wonderful access to rivers and lakes, but the rules for fishing are confusing.. Popular Michigan Fly Shops and WebsitesAre you looking for some great How To Fly Fish Articles?. I’ve got a FREE video workshop teaching how to dry fly fish at this link How 2 Fly Fish

Searching for the Best Places to Fish in Michigan in 2020? We have you covered, Click Here to read our guide now.

Although there are many great catches around the Saginaw Bay area, one of the most sought after fish to catch is the Walleye.. Offering a huge variety of fish and plenty of activities, Lake St Clair is the perfect fishing location.. Paddlesports, boating, and endless events are popular with visitors to the lake.. The park is great for fishing, with a 1.5-mile shoreline.. Think of all the fish that must be in there!

If someone asked me what is the best state to fly fish I’d say Michigan. Yes, I’m bias Michigan is my home state, but with 1000s of miles of water front and awesome public access, I could spend a lifetime fly fishing here and never fish it all. Michigan has a deep-rooted history in fly fishing, I’ve...

Michigan has a deep-rooted history in fly fishing, I’ve always been surprised that it isn’t more of a fly fishing destination.. I’ve tapped into local Fly Fishing Guides to provide great spots to fly fish in Michigan.. Michigan has a bunch of river called “Black” but when you add brook trout plus fly fishing in the same paragraph your talking about the “Black River” in Otsego County.. I like to call them the “Gateway Drug to Fly Fishing” How to Fly Fish for Brook Trout – Find the cleanest, coldest, most beautiful streams and I’ll bet Brookes are present.. How to Fly Fish for Salmon – Image hooking into a +25 pound King Salmon in a river and your Fly Rod breaks!

When we reach midsummer in Michigan the fishing in lakes often slows down, especially for predator

Smallmouth bass, walleyes, northern pike and channel catfish are our most widely distributed sportfish but we can also catch muskies, flathead catfish, rock bass, brown trout, brook trout and anadromous fish like steelhead and Chinook salmon in our rivers and streams.. The Battle Creek River is a tributary of the Kalamazoo and is another very good pike river.. The Grand River is our longest inland river and probably has our best mix of smallmouth bass, walleye and channel catfish fishing over much of its length.. Northern pike tend to be most numerous above and below the prime smallmouth water, with plentiful fish below Jackson and in the lower river in Ottawa County where there are a good number of bayous along the river.. Large tributaries like the Thornapple, Flat, Maple, Looking Glass, and Red Cedar Rivers offer good smallmouth fishing along with some pike.. This keeps the upper river clear, and so walleyes in Kent Lake move into the river to join the smallmouths.. The Saginaw River itself contains smallmouths and walleyes that move back and forth between Saginaw Bay and the river.. The Clinton River offers so-so fishing for smallmouths, but it and its tributary, Paint Creek, offer southeast Michigan residents some close-to-home trout fishing.. There are a number of major impoundments on the lower river with good smallmouth fishing continuing in the free-flowing portions of the river system.. The river starts as the outlet of Houghton Lake, and you'll find a good mix of smallmouth bass and northern pike in its rather sluggish upper reaches.. Smallmouths begin mixing in with the trout almost right away, their numbers increasing dramatically in the lower river where some walleyes and channel catfish join the population.. The Paint River is a major tributary to the Lower Brule, and offers good fishing for smallmouths, walleyes and pike along with a decent shot at a muskie near Crystal Falls.. There is a dam near the lower end of the river and below that dam you will find some channel catfish mixing in with the bass and the walleyes.

Depending on the season, Griffin fishes anywhere from shallow water (“five, six, seven feet,” he said.) to more than 100 feet deep. “Last year I think 20 to 25 feet was as shallow as I got, but most of my time was spent at 50 to 70.

When Griffin started, the daily creel limit on Lake Michigan perch was 100 per angler.. Back in those days there were a number of head boats operating out of South Haven and when the fishing was good, each one of those head boats would catch hundreds a day.. I’ve fished with Griffin a day or two a year for more than a decade, from March to September.. (He keeps fishing well into the fall, but by then I’ve generally switched gears.). Griffin has about a million waypoints on his GPS unit out of the four ports he fishes: Muskegon, Grand Haven, Port Sheldon and South Haven.. Depending on the season, Griffin fishes anywhere from shallow water (“five, six, seven feet,” he said.). “Last year I think 20 to 25 feet was as shallow as I got, but most of my time was spent at 50 to 70, and more of it was at 70 than at 50,” he said.. “Most of the time I fish from about 60 to 75 feet.. He goes past the waypoint and drops his anchor (a 15-pound digger—he sharpens the flukes so they’ll dig into the clay on the bottom) and lets out rope until he’s back over the fish.. Griffin believes in quality rods (in the $200 range) and prefers seven-foot, light-action graphite rods with titanium eyes and reel seats.. The long leader is insurance, he said; if he breaks off, he can re-tie hooks and sinkers without having to tie on a new leader.. Guys who don’t watch the rod tip are just missing a lot of fish, the majority of their bites.”. He just looks for anything different on the rod tip and if it as much as wiggles, he sets the hook.. If you’re catching small fish, it may not be too long before some bigger fish swim in there.". Despite the slow start to 2013, Griffin is hanging on to his goal of 5,000 fish in his boat this season.

We're really lucky here because we're never very far away from a plate full of perch filets. Make sure you get some this winter! (January 2007)

Generally, larger inland lakes in the northern Lower Peninsula and Upper Peninsula, along with the Great Lakes bays, produce the most consistent catches of perch during the winter.. Big Glen Lake, at 4,865 acres, is nearly four times as big as Little Glen Lake at 1,400 acres.. Kalkaska County's Skegemog Lake is famous for its big Great Lakes muskies, but it's also home to some outsized perch.. Even though 1,460-acre Skegemog Lake is relatively shallow with only one spot approaching 30 feet, the lake is slow to freeze because of currents running in from the Torch River and out to Elk Lake.. Mason County's Hamlin Lake has a reputation as being one of the best winter bluegill lakes in the state, and deservedly so, but because of that, its productive winter perch fishery goes nearly unnoticed.. "Hubbard Lake produces some jumbo perch up to 15 inches," said Department of Natural Resources' Northern Lake Huron fisheries biologist Tim Cwalinski.. "The perch numbers tend to be cyclic, but there's a fair number of medium-sized perch in the lake, too."

Ice fishing can be a relaxing outdoor time-passing activity for you if you are truly ready for adventure. If you are ice fishing in Michigan, your eye will spec nature’s utmost beauty too. “Fishing isn’t an escape from life, but often a deeper immersion into it”– Harry middleton Best Places for...

Camping area The Ludington state park can be your preferred campsite in lake Hamlin.. Boating accessLake Michigan There are more than 1,300 Michigan public boating access sites & 80 marinas, harbors administered by state.. Boating facilities in Lake Huron Boating in lake Huron will be a experience you won’t never forget.. Camping arrangementinSaginaw bay You can enjoy a great outdoor camping experience in Crystal lake.. By now, you know about 7 best places for ice fishing in Michigan.

ContentsBest Bass Fishing Lakes In Wisconsin1. Best Bass Fishing Lakes In Wisconsin: Big Saint Germain Lake2. Best Bass Fishing Lakes In Wisconsin: Lake Winnebago3. Best Bass Fishing Lakes In Wisconsin: Eau Claire Chain Of Lakes4. Best Bass Fishing Lakes In Wisconsin: Jute Lake5. Best Bass Fishing L...

Best Bass Fishing Lakes In Wisconsin 1.. Best Bass Fishing Lakes In Wisconsin: Lake Winnebago 3.. Best Bass Fishing Lakes In Wisconsin: Jute Lake 5.. Best Bass Fishing Lakes In Wisconsin: Kickapoo River 6.. Best Bass Fishing Lakes In Wisconsin: Mississippi River Pool 10 7.. Best Bass Fishing Lakes In Wisconsin: Black Earth Creek 8.. Best Bass Fishing Lakes In Wisconsin: The Barge Fishing River Mississippi. Fishing Helps To Support Mother Nature.. Boat fishing is better on Big St. Germain Lake than the shore fishing, as it is largely surrounded by private land.. Lake Winnebago, East-Central Wisconsin, is the largest inland lake in the state.. The additional smaller lakes are more difficult to locate, but some anglers prefer to spend a day navigating the entire chain.. In Vilas County, Jute Lake, situated at Boulder Junction, is a quiet 191-acre lake that turns out to be an impressive largemouth and smallmouth bass.. The depth of the water is between 8 and 23 feet, and the water is mainly clear.. To really have a relaxing day of fishing, switching off your phone.. Over the years, angling has managed to keep the wildlife populations of most fish species healthy and even successful.

Trout fishing in Michigan is a favorite pastime for many of the residents, and it is only getting more and more popular every year. Here are 5 great places to consider if you want to go to Michigan and enjoy some great trout fishing!

Here are 5 great places to consider if you want to go to Michigan and enjoy some great trout fishing!. Another river that flows into Lake Michigan, the Pere Marquette River is the longest undammed trout stream in the state of Michigan.. If you are looking for a gorgeous river to fish that gives you a variety of species and places to fish, this is the place to go.. This is the best fishery in the state for brook trout, which is also Michigan’s state fish and the only native stream trout species.. The Muskegon River is a small tailwater north of Grand Rapids and is home to a large variety of fish, including lake run brown trout, steelhead, salmon, rainbow trout, smallmouth bass, and northern pike.. While the Muskegon River is more famous for its steelhead fishing, it is one of the best trout fishing waters in the state of Michigan.. Michigan has some great trout fishing available to the avid fisherman, and with so many different lakes, streams, and rivers to go fishing at it can be hard to narrow down the search of where to go.. Hopefully, this list is helpful and can help you make a choice on a great place to go trout fishing in this awesome state, and start catching some big trout!

As well as the Great Lakes, Michigan boasts almost 65,000 additional lakes and ponds, meaning that every person in the state is never more than a few

Fishing charter boats run all around the state, offering fishing tours for salmon, trout, perch, and other species, and many tourists flock to the state to enjoy its unique fishing locations and opportunities.. Normally, everyone needs a license to fish, but in order to allow everyone to have a taste of Michigan fishing, the state runs its own Free Fishing Weekends twice a year.. Guests have a nice selection of more traditional guestrooms, including: smaller guestrooms with interior views and lake views; Larger guestrooms with interior views; Deluxe lake view guestrooms complete with a balcony; Themed Suites; and Masco Cottage.. Some examples of suites available at the Grand Hotel include the First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy Suite, First Lady Bird Johnson Suite, First Lady Nancy Reagan Suite, Napoleon Suite, Eisenhower Suite, Stockbridge Suite, Dolly Madison Suite, Esther Williams Suite, China Suite, Hollywood Suite, Versailles Suite, and Somewhere in Time Suite, among many others.. Located in Mackinaw City, Michigan , the Icebreaker Mackinaw Maritime Museum preserves the historic United States Coast Guard vessel Icebreaker Mackinaw WAGB-83, constructed for World War II for the transportation of war materials on the Great Lakes in winter months.. Today, the Icebreaker Mackinaw Maritime Museum preserves the Icebreaker Mackinaw WAGB-83 United States Coast Guard vessel as a living history museum vessel open to the public for guided tours and public educational events.

ContentsHow to Be A Better Red Snapper AnglerTips for Choosing the Best Bait for Red Snapper FishingTop 5 Best Baits for Red Snapper FishingOur Top PickRunner’s Up Sougayilang Jigs Fishing Lures Sinking Metal Spoons Baits Tbuymax 10 PCS Fishing Lure Spinnerbait Baits Kit OCEAN CAT 5PCS Slow Fall P...

It is always great when you can try fishing different fish species to see how good you are at fishing.. So, what makes a good bait for red snapper fishing?. We recommend that you go for the bright colored baits to handle the red snapper fish species.. The bright colors will be ideal for attracting the red snapper especially in the low light conditions.. You can always use the fish lures for different types of fish species.. So, where can you use this bait?. Being easy to use makes them even good for those who might be new to fishing.. It comes down to the materials that the manufacturer uses to make the baits.

Photo by Aaron PetersonHave you ever encountered one of those people who is so good at something

Michigan boasts roughly 20,000 miles of quality cold-water trout streams, about 1,000 of which are designated as top-quality, "trout streams.". I can't wager a guess (or provide accurate mileage) of the miles of streams not officially designated as (or even trout waters), that I've personally caught trout in.. But, at its heart, the Muskegon is a trout stream and offers some of the best tailwater fly fishing for brown and rainbow trout in Michigan.. The Pigeon River Country State Forest is home to Michigan's wild elk population and some pretty fine trout streams as well.. While much of Michigan's trout fame comes from its northern reaches, southern Michigan has a number of options for trout anglers — you just have to look a bit harder to find them.. The best place to start is the Michigan Department of Natural Resources' Trout Trails app , which is perfect for those planning a trip to Michigan that focuses on trout.. I've personally caught dozens of brown trout over 20 inches while fishing small southern Michigan trout streams.. And the Dowagiac River is arguably southern Michigan's top trout stream thanks to its cold, clear flows.. If you're going to visit Michigan to sample some of its incredible trout fishing, you'd be well-served to visit some of its top trout fishing attractions as well.

A detailed list of the most productive Great Lakes fishing towns around Michigan

The “Great Lakes State” has fishing options all along its 3,288 miles of shoreline where anglers can focus on walleye, bass, whitefish, brown and lake trout, coho salmon and the granddaddy of them all, the chinook (or king) salmon.. A Great Lakes lake trout.. This is a fish I caught while jigging off the inner pier of Muskegon in 2015.. Find some nice big kings in the waters of Lake Michigan.. Trolling and casting off the pier for salmon and lake trout is a solid option but the fall/winter whitefish run attracts plenty of attention.. MLive outdoors writer Cory Olsen, then 12 years old, with his 36-inch, 20-pound king salmon caught in Lake Michigan out of South Haven.

From January through December, let's take a look at what Michigan has to offer this year.

With access to four of the five Great Lakes and Lake St. Clair; abundant natural inland lakes and impounded reservoirs; and a host of rivers and streams, fine fishing is available to anglers throughout the year.. Other Options: Burt Lake Yellow Perch: Burt Lake has a reputation for producing good catches of winter walleyes, but the perch might be more impressive.. Lakes like Bear, Starvation, Big Twin, Big Guernsey and Blue receive regular plants of browns, rainbows, splake and lake trout.. Other Options: Pine Lake Crappies: Expect frantic ice-out crappie action on Barry County’s 660-acre Pine Lake.. Cass Lake Smallmouths: With Michigan now open to catch-and-release bass fishing, anglers can get a jump on the bass season on Oakland County’s Cass Lake.. Black River Harbor Lake Trout: Black River Harbor offers easy access to some hot action for native lake trout during the month of August.. The best muskie fishing on Lake St. Clair occurs in late fall when muskies bulk up before winter and begin migrating back towards Michigan waters.. Lake Independence Walleyes: Marquette County’s Lake Independence serves up some excellent walleye action just before the lake freezes.


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